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nearly 4 yr old still not telling/asking to go to toilet

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knat Sat 07-Jul-07 20:34:47

my dd has veeb training for 18 months and although will go to the toilet for a wee if i take her - if i leave her she will not ask/tell to go. I've tried all sorts of tactics as listed in the
books and on here but to no avail. How can i help her with this. She fortunately has another year before she goes to school but i do feel that she may be the only child to go to school not trained (its been a bad week with her pooing in her pants a bit at a time 3-4 times a day and no unstained paints left!). She doesnt have an issue necessarily with doing a poo on the toilet she's done it plenty of times before but she just wont say she needs to go. I've tried telling her she can go on he rown and have left it with a step and toilet seat for her to do this but still no joy. Please please help i am completely out of ideas now. Thanks

Elasticwoman Sat 07-Jul-07 21:07:14

What I did with mine - and toilet training was a nightmare for me 3 times so I might not be the best person ask - was to let them play around the house with no knickers or trousers and have the potty handy. They were younger than 4 and of course you can't do that when you go out. I used to put dd2 in a nappy to go out but strip it off when at home. Of course, you can't watch them all the time (and I am particularly unobservant), but this way there's more of a chance they will sit on the potty if it's handy and they don't have to fumble with clothes, or if you do see "that look" in their eye, you can quickly shove the potty under them ...

Good luck!

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