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we are first-time cloth nappy users: have we bought the right stuff?

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paperdoll Sat 07-Jul-07 18:06:33

My partner and I went to the nappy shop to consider our options today (our first baby is due in August and we have been considering the cloth vs disposable decision for a while). While there, we made the decision to go with cloth, and went ahead and bought supplies. We have been feeling so good about having this sorted - but now, I've been reading threads here, and am getting worried in case what we've bought isn't right. All of you experienced mums seem to have such strong opinions on what works best. Please can anyone with more experience advise if what we've got sounds ok?

This is what we actually bought:
-20 nappies: a mixed selection of 10 bamboozles (aplix), 5 totsbots cotton (aplix) and 5 fluffles. I know that's more than we really had to buy, but a friend at work told me that the bamboozles often take 3 days to dry properly in his flat, so we thought it would be good to have some extra.
-4 wraps (2 Rikki, 2 Airflow)
-1 roll disposable liners
-1 bucket
-1 mesh bag to line bucket
-some tea tree oil (in order to put in a couple of drops with the nappies)

My main worries are:
(1) was it a mistake to go for Aplix? Woman at shop said that their feedback from customers is that poppers can be awkward & some people worry about pressing too hard on the baby, so that is why we chose Aplix.But here on boards, there is an entire thread about Aplix being crap. <panic>
(2) should we get some of the booster things as well, or hang on and see whether we really need them?
(3) will it be ok to use the stuff we've bought when the baby is new? We thought it would, but some threads on here seem to imply that you need yet another approach for newborns ... aargh, confusion when we are trying to keep it simple!

I know it is different for everyone, but
I'm getting all anxious about this - we still have so many other things to sort out - would really appreciate any reassurance about our purchases today ...

lillypie Sat 07-Jul-07 18:59:25

It's all about what suits you and your baby.Trial and error.I'm sure what you've bought will be fine,and if it's not sell them and try something else.People always want to buy nappies!Stop worrying

bohemianbint Sat 07-Jul-07 19:10:01


I bought very similar stuff, but I found the sizes I bought in the tota bots were too big and DS looked ridiculous. He didn't grow into them for a while, but they were great while we did use them. When he grew out of them I sold the tots bots (for a pretty good price!) and replaced them with junior joy and bambino mio prefolds. I'm a massive fan of prefolds so I might be biased, but you could see if your local council does a laundry service, they'll usually bring you a load of different kinds to try, that's how I found out about the prefolds.

It does seem to be quite subjective though, everyone I speak to likes different things although I know a lot of people who are also big fans of prefolds (and they're really cheap as well, about £2.20 per nappy!) As Lilypie says, trial and error, but I'm sure you'll like what you've bought and they're really cute!

PS - I had no probs with aplix, but I wouldn't bother with boosters either...

nappyzone Sat 07-Jul-07 19:24:45

your wraps are about the best you can get for containing newborn poo and the bamboozles are fine too although some people prefer nippas for a better more snug fitting but its personal choice and what suits your baby which im afraid you dont know till bubs comes along - im an aplix fan myself but havent used bamboozles on tiny newborn, we used bambineo which are very similar but a toot cheaper (worth remembering for when you go into the next size) - it becomes a pain when they are older and can undo it! Liners handy for the meconium poo but after that you dont really need them, buckey yeye - mesh yey, tea tree oil - yey! COngratulations on your new fluff! Of course once bubs arrives you will become an addict and try every pocket nappy and shaped nappy known to man! lol

bobsmum Sat 07-Jul-07 19:32:34

Paperdoll - I think you;ve got a really great selection there - very similar to mine in fact Tots and Motherease are by far the most popular combination IME. Although other brands of Bamboo nappies are getting v popular too.

The only argument about the aplix (and I have some) is that after a long time - say a year of use - it might come unstitched a little or start to curl up, but nothing drastic. Totsbots are very good about restitching stuff that comes away if you contact them directly.

Or you could use a nippa with your aplix in an emergency, but it really should be fine.

I'm assuming you've got size 1 stuff for a newborn. that should last til at least 6 months unless you have a maaaaaaaassive baby. My ds was huuuge and into size 2s at 5 months, but dd wasn't in the next size until 8 months or so.

If you've got the size 2 nappies - you can fold them over at the front, but they will be very bulky and you probably wouldn't be able to use them from day 1 - just too massive.

I use boosters at night or for long car journeys, but you probably won't need them til your baby's a bit older. Newborns poo so much in the early days you'll need to change 7/8 times a day anyway. Baby won't get a chance to get wet enough to need a booster

Bamboozles take longer to dry because you can't tumble them - risk of shrinkage and damage to the fabric. You could put them on a radiator and they'd still stay soft and take under a day IME. Because you have a good supply of faster drying nappies it shouldn't be an issue I think.

You should be able to use your nappies from day 1 if you've got size 1s. But a lot of people start with some nice eco disposables like Moltex or Bambo Eco for the first couple of weeks while they get used to having a newborn. I used cloth as soon as I got out of hospital with ds, and after I'd finished the pack of Moltex with dd

As Lilypie says if you really don't get on with the nappies you've got - they will sell second hand for a good price. But I really think you've got a good variety there and you'll get on well with the Totbots.

I've been using them for almost 5 years on both children and would really recommend them

Good luck and keep posting any other Qs - there are loads of clothies on here!

hippopowell Sat 07-Jul-07 20:15:10

I started with Fluffles when dd was 6 weeks old & they fitted fine. I know a lot suggest muslins for a newborn which work a treat apparently, but if the Tots fit go with them. Lots of people have started with Tots on a newborn. Some even use size 2 on a newborn, although can be a bit bulky.I now use Bamboozles because I wanted a natural fibre, not that there was anything wrong with the fluffles performance in any way. I have used Airflow from 6 weeks & never had a leak. Now am in love with wool wraps. I can't recommend any Tots & airflow highly enough. I think what you have now you can't go wrong with, they will work brilliantly. But what you might find is that you want to try others to see what they are like, and because it looks so pretty, or you have heard they are so fab,it's just strangely addictive like that
enjoy the world of cloth

derah Sat 07-Jul-07 21:23:53

Sounds like a great selection to me. I wouldn't worry about aplix at this stage, while baby is not moving much. Later on, it might be a problem when a) they learn how to undo it and b) it might be a bit stiff around the middle when they start moving. But a fabbo bunch of nappies to start with. Have fun!!!

Jojay Sat 07-Jul-07 21:29:07

I'm sure they will be fine - I used them on my ds with great success.

It's very personal though, and if you decide you don't want them, you will get back almost what you paid for them by selling them on

NannyL Sat 07-Jul-07 22:39:25

Can i just add... dont buy "boosters"... fold up microfibre cloths instead (the one syou use for cleaning)

tesco value ones are great little ones (2 for less than a £!)

Flamesparrow Sat 07-Jul-07 23:08:37

I second the not buying boosters too (I keep telling people that in advice emails, but they still seem to want to buy the proper boosters )

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