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Getting my son to realise that pants aren't nappies! [hmm]

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ellenb Thu 05-Jul-07 13:32:37

Day three of potty training my son for the first time - he's 26 months. Day one went really well and was using the potty without being asked to by me. I did however leave him in just a t-shirt all day so he wouldn't have to worry about pants.
Day 2 - trid to get him to wear big boy pants but he just treats them like nappies and apppears completely unaware if he has had an accident.
We're in the middle of day 3 and basically - no pants great potty - pants on no potty

NotQuiteCockney Thu 05-Jul-07 17:35:38

He's quite young ... maybe he's not ready?

My DS2 will be three in September, and recently decided he wanted to wear pants, but then didn't notice he was wetting them, so we gave up for a while.

ellenb Sun 08-Jul-07 08:10:17

Thanks for your message notquitecockney, I think perhaps he is a bit young. Have let him have the choice over the past couple of days and he doesn't want to wear a nappy in he house but if we're out and about then he does. He is weeing almost every hour on the dot, strange i know! But that does make things a bit easier if he is in a nappy

Shoshable Sun 08-Jul-07 08:13:38

look on the other potty training thread love, you need to keep him pantless a bit longer

babyblue2 Sun 08-Jul-07 08:14:05

I've posted about this recently. DD 2.3 was perfectly potty trained as long as she wasn't wearing clothes. As soon as she was wearing anything it would be as she was wearing a nappy. We've now progressed onto managing wee's whilst wearing knickers and clothes but poo's are not going too well. We've only been going for a week or so so we'll get there. It took about a week for her to realise that she wasn't to wee in her knickers. I would keep going with it

EscapeFrom Sun 08-Jul-07 08:16:03

Leave pant off for a good long time - a week or so - then use boxers. Let them feel the nudity before you cover it again.

ellenb Sun 08-Jul-07 08:21:51

boxers sound a good idea, they won't feel the same as nappies - will give that a shot.
he's more than happy to be pantless in the house - never particulary keen to wear clothes anyway!

skatergirl Sun 08-Jul-07 08:39:09

Hi I would keep going with nothing on if that is working. When my daughter potty trained at 2 she did well having nothing on for quite a few days. My son who is potty training now (nearly 2) does ok most of the time. He is having about one accident a day but if he is wearing pants and trousers he gets upset because it is uncomfortable to be wet so he is doing it less and less. When he does wet himself with trousers on he is stopping the flow and going to the loo so I think it is improving.

ellenb Sun 08-Jul-07 08:53:41

He's doing well if he is stopping himself weeing. DS doesn't seem to be uncomfortable if he does get wet, just kinda goes oops! looks at me and carrys on. but if he is naked below he will happily pee in the pot! will keep going but obviously will take a lot longer than anticipated - first time optimistic and niave potty traing mum!

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