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is near 3 too soon to expect them to go all night without a pullup?

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hermykne Thu 05-Jul-07 08:48:42

ds is pretty much ok in the day and does a wee at 8 before bed but he seems to wee at 5am every 2nd night, so should i put him in pull up? for antoher few months
or am i postponing nighttime conditioning for dryness

morningpaper Thu 05-Jul-07 08:49:39

Well I went to my Child's First Day At School last week and the hot topic was HTF everyone was planning to get their children out of nappies at night before school starts, so I wouldn't worry too much

Flamesparrow Thu 05-Jul-07 08:51:27

If he's gonna be dry, he'll be dry with or without pullups.

MP - similar discussions at school meeting here too, with me looking baffled thinking "but what does it matter... she's not going to be sleeping at school"

bozza Thu 05-Jul-07 08:56:39

DS was about 3 1/2 when we took him out of nighttime nappies. DD was 2.2 and ready sooner but I refused to do it until after our holiday. I did not want to risk wet beds on holiday esp with different sleeping/drinking/eating patterns but at it happens she was dry all fortnight. TBH I think he probably sounds ready and I would give it a go but it is up to you whether you are prepared to take the risk.

pyjamaqueen Thu 05-Jul-07 08:59:50

dd1 stopped wearing nappies at 22 months, dd2 not until aged 3. In both cases the nappies went completely, ie day and night. surely it's much more confusing to wear nappies some times and not others? If they can do it, they can do it.

hermykne Thu 05-Jul-07 11:04:27

PQ i agree, putting it on at night is confusing.
i ll perceivere with the accidents at ngiht , i think he ll come round eventually!. thanks
anyway i dont want to buy them anymore!

Flamesparrow Thu 05-Jul-07 11:27:30

But isn't it to do with a hormone whether they can do it or not in their sleep at night?

Misdee Thu 05-Jul-07 11:30:08

no idea what to do. dd3 has woken up the last 3 mornings with a dry nappy. and is now 99% dry in the day.

but she is in washables at night, so its just freshjening up the nappies really if she doesnt wet, as stil lwash them after.

hermykne Thu 05-Jul-07 11:32:33

flamesparrow i saw that thread , didnt know whether to believe it or not.

misdee - you typing like cod!

Misdee Thu 05-Jul-07 11:33:29

i alwats type like thos.

just cant be bothered to go back and correct it.

katelyle Thu 05-Jul-07 11:33:57

In answer to the OP - yes!

Misdee Thu 05-Jul-07 11:34:16

hermykne, i do believe its down to a hormone, some kids dont get it til lwell after 7.

dd1 was dry at night at age 4, dd2 at age 2, dd3 heading the same way.

WigWamBam Thu 05-Jul-07 11:34:50

Dd is 6, dry in the day for over three years, still wet at night.

There is a hormone, Flame - it can kick in anytime between 18 months and seven years, and until that happens they aren't physically able to go through the night without wetting.

zubb Thu 05-Jul-07 11:36:38

Ds2 went without nappies at night just after he'd gone dry during teh day so around 2.8. For a couple of months I did lift him onto the loo just before I went to bed - around 11ish - didn't have any wet beds that way.

throckenholt Thu 05-Jul-07 12:04:13

anything from 3-6 is normal I think.

My DS1 was 3.5 - my twins are 4.5 and not showing signs (but I am going to try them when this packet of nappies runs out next week - if I am brave enough and the weather warms up so I can dry the washing !)

LIZS Thu 05-Jul-07 12:13:00

expect yes too soon but some are able to that young others not for several more years . It is a hormonal /development thing which imho you cannot rush.

hermykne Thu 05-Jul-07 14:46:59

ok so then do i put a pull up on andnot draw attention to it and just wait and see how it goes
or another option , would one lift at my bedtime? but h e mightnt do a wee at 11pm if itas happening at 5am, i suppose.

thanks for help.

misdee - i didnt mean anything to do with being codified , sometimes i type like that too but it s never commented on!

LIZS Thu 05-Jul-07 18:03:39

Nappies are usually cheaper so would n't bother with pull ups unless he insists(not as absorbent either). Never lifted and both were dry at 4. Is there any rush ?

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