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Help, size 2 nappies huge and wraps not fitting well......

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yummymummy06 Wed 04-Jul-07 21:18:31

Hi. I have received my new nappies today, some sandy's, a fluffle and some cheap poplini bravo ones and 1 motherease large wrap with poppers. All nappies size 2. They seem quite big and bulky on DD who is 19lbs and the wraps I have don't fit too well. The motherease wrap is huge and loose. I have some medium modern baby which are ok but the nappies are still bulky and I don't think this will go over the fluffle. I also have a onelife popper wrap which I havent yet tried.

The large wraps seem too big so what do I opt for? Thanks

bobsmum Wed 04-Jul-07 21:28:08

Fluffles are a bit bulky, but I really like them because they stay soft and contain really well.

I don't know about sandy's or popolini nappies, but motherease popper wraps are meant to be quite puffy to let the air circulate. Do you mean loose around the waist and cuffs? If that's the case then the M/L size is really good for an inbetween stage. It shouldn't be loose once fastened, but it will look a bit balloony IYSWIM My dd only moved in to the large size at well over a year.

You really can't get a better wrap than a motherease airflow IMO.

yummymummy06 Wed 04-Jul-07 21:36:17

Hi. Thanks for replying! Is the ariflow wrap the one with poppers? And the Rikki wrap with velcro?

The one I have is very roomy, yes like you were explaining and I think the pattern is ocean (if thats any help!) It fits ok but just around one leg it's abit loose, the other leg it fit's fine!

Also with the sandy's as they do up at the sides it then makes her look very wide as the wrap also does up at the sides.

Any other wraps you can recommend? Thanks!

maisiemog Wed 04-Jul-07 22:11:00

Hi there,
they can seem a bit big at that age. I had a few different wraps on the go, with my now potty-trained little boy. I found cotton bottoms, now called bummis super whisper wrap, a nice fit. He was a skinny boy - still is very slim.
The medium does from 15lbs to 30lbs and is very adjustable. It is aplix/velcro so you have to be careful washing, to ensure it doesn't snag nappies, but there are fold-back laundry tabs to keep the hooky bit covered.
I set up a nappy blog a while ago and quite a few pictures are him at the same weight as your DD. See if you think the nappies look as bulky as his?

bobsmum Wed 04-Jul-07 22:12:04

Yes - you've got that the right way round!

It's ok to have a little gap around the legs - like enough to run a finger around comfortably good for circulation again, but if it was really gaping then you may need a smaller size for now. sounds ok to me though.

I like Nature Babies wraps too (gooooorgeous patterns!) - they have side poppers too, but are slimmer than airflows. They'll definitely fit nicely over totsbots, but I don't havea ny experience of Sandys. sell them.

One of the mumsnetters on here, Flamesparrow, has just started as a nappy advisor and has her own website - BumFluff - she'll know every wrap inside and out

yummymummy06 Wed 04-Jul-07 22:26:04

Just looked on that website and at the nature babies wrap, lovely colours and reasonably priced I thought!

Yes there is only a small gap around the legs, it's just very puffball like!

derah Wed 04-Jul-07 22:36:02

If size 2's are a little big, could you maybe fold down the top when you put them on? Hard to explain and I'm very tired but nappy websites should have pics to show you what I mean.

Airflow wraps are supposed to be a bit loose. Don't worry, they shouldn't leak.

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