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Son refusing to wee/poo in potty!!! Tips anyone?

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Jo200 Wed 04-Jul-07 16:03:50

DS is Two years 3 months and about to start nursery two days a week. Also baby no.2 on the way. Trying to potty train and he clearly understands when he needs to wee or poo but doesn't actually like letting go in the potty. He prefers the comfort/security of the nappy. He holds it for absolutely ages and then runs off and does it on the floor or something even though he sits on the potty for ages. Has anyone come across this before? I feel like I'm being mean to him because he wants his nappy to go in but I keep thinking he'll snap out of it. Desperate for tips! I've tried playing games with him, talking to him, letting him watch TV while he is on the potty and even resorted to bribery!!! Help!!!

codpiece Wed 04-Jul-07 16:34:35

Personally I'd take it as a sign that, emotionally, he's just not ready yet, and leave it for a while. It's not worth stressing him (and you!) out over.

MerlinsBeard Wed 04-Jul-07 16:35:56

i would leave it a while. They can regress anyway when a sibling is born.

or have a nappy open on the potty

midnightmagpie Wed 04-Jul-07 20:51:45

Hi i had a simalar problem two weeks ago my daughter knew what the potty was for and had bladder control she just wouldn't use it so i drew the lounge curtains dropped my knickers and did a wee in her potty jumped for joy with my success and flushed it down the loo waving bye bye to my wee when i brought the potty in within 5 mins my daughter had used her potty whether this was to be like me or because i had proven it was safe i will never know but she happily uses her potty now and has only had a couple of accidents since one hint tho dont try it on a full bladder a potty wont hold as much as you think good luck

Hathor Wed 04-Jul-07 21:00:11

Oh yes I remember this. Don't pressure him, just put the nappy back on for a poo. But keep up the positive big boy talk and praise about doing it on the loo/potty. He will get it eventually.

GeorgeEl Thu 05-Jul-07 17:07:37

Got just the same problem. My son is nearly 3 and clearly knows when he's doing a poo or a wee. He'll sit on the potty quite happily but not do anything for ages and then demand his nappy when he gets too desperate to hold on anymore. He goes to nursery but only mornings and they are ok with nappies, but he needs to be trained by September for new nursery. Everyone I've spoken to has said not to panic and wait, then make a big deal of buying some pants, put aside a whole week with a big star chart, ban nappies and see what happens. I might try the weeing on the potty myself trick!

midnightmagpie Thu 05-Jul-07 18:23:17

Dont want to blow my trumpet but three of my friends have tried and it worked for them let me know how it goes if you do but remember Not too full a bladder !!!!

GeorgeEl Thu 05-Jul-07 20:44:37

Will let you know how I do. Semi-filled bladder and strong thighs at the ready

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