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Rikki or Airflow for my 8 week old?

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maveta Mon 02-Jul-07 08:05:44

I have been a HUGE fan of the rikki´s and not so keen on the airflows for both fit and looks up until now. However now that ds has reached the upper weight limit the rikkis just aren´t doing the job at all (too loose on his skinny legs) while the airflow look like they´ll fit him for a bit longer AND give great containment.

I need to buy a couple more wraps in medium.. shall I abandon the rikkis now given that so many people say they are more restrictive once the babies get more active (and in the medium weight range he will start to become more active..)? Or will they be great again once I get the next size up?

The airflow are okay, I just find them a bit puffball-y so for out and about I prefer a tidier, slimmer, wrap.

(I also have a nature babies which I really like, so maybe should forget rikkis and airflow altogether??)

bagpuss Mon 02-Jul-07 08:09:28

I would go with airflow. We used these when ds2 was 8 weeks and preferred them to rikki wraps. I have just bought a nature babies velcro wrap and really like that too, but I think that it still isn't as reliable as the airflow tbh.

Flamesparrow Mon 02-Jul-07 08:11:16

Yup, airflow - it is the more reliable. When you've got trousers on him anyway the puffballness is all tucked in

derah Mon 02-Jul-07 08:37:31

Another vote for the Airflow here. I wouldn't use anything else. Like Flame said, once the trousers are on the puff goes down. If you want a slimmer look it's the nappy you'll need to change, not the wrap. I like a big bum on a baby anyway... easier to hold on to!!

maveta Mon 02-Jul-07 11:20:05

hmmm.. that´s what I thought. I have noticed that under trousers they´re fine, it´s just that with it getting hot here now he´s often just in nappy and t-shirt and the airflows just don´t look that funky really..maybe I should get the plain colours instead of the animal prints...

tutu100 Mon 02-Jul-07 11:26:12

I love the airflow prints. Even my friend who thinks I'm nutty for using cloth commented on how cute they look when ds was running round in just a t-shirt.

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