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Do 'birth to potty' nappies really exist?

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BumblBeee Sun 01-Jul-07 21:27:53

Has anyone managed to use a nappy from birth to potty training?

If so what did you use and how old was your baby?


Miaou Sun 01-Jul-07 21:54:05

Bumbibee - my ds is just about two (next month) and he is still in the same nappies I bought when he was born. They are TotsBots size 2 with a nappy nippa (read about them in more detail on They are quite bulky, and when he was a baby he looked like I had stuck his legs through a football () but they worked! Never leaked at all. When he reached about 18m I bought a couple of size 3 nappies for night-time, which I boost with a cotton bottoms insert (purely because I was given a load for free!) and which he wears with a bigger wrap (motherease btw, totsbots ones aren't as good). I don't expect to need to buy any more before he is potty trained as he is starting to show signs of being ready now.

On the nappy lady site it explains how to use them from birth and the pluses and minuses of totsbots (as well as a huge range of other nappies) - well worth a look.

derah Sun 01-Jul-07 22:10:28

Hi there

My dd is 22 months and we're just starting to potty train. I use birth-to-potty nappies (mostly Bumbles) and size 2's (Stuffies and Tots Bots) and they still fir her fine. So I don't expect to have to get any bigger ones. We did use Bimbles and Kissaluvs when she was very tiny though - she was only 6 pounds something at birth so would have drowned in bigger nappies.

Birth-to-potty nappies can be done from birth, if you don't mind baby looking a little silly in enormous nappies but I preferred to start with smalls and then get one size to last her from when she grew a little bigger.

BumblBeee Sun 01-Jul-07 22:13:55

Thanks for your messages!

Amaryllis Sun 15-Jul-07 21:46:41

dd outgrew her motherease one size by 9m - but she was a chunky baby!

ds is still in his tots size 2s which I think will be fine until he potty trains.....but I did buy some size ones to start him off and have since sold them on, which is a pretty good solution.

FlameDelacour Sun 15-Jul-07 22:50:41

Bambinex (bambineo)!!! I started in size 2s when he was 16 weeks (but tried them out on a newborn too and they fitted fine), and tried them on my large arsed 3 y/o at the time too.

They are peeeeeeeeeeeeerfect. Much longer tabs/rise than tots so more likely to last.

CarGirl Sun 15-Jul-07 23:06:30

I used bumbles (the original nippa version - not sure what it's called now) I used them on my 98th centile heavy wetting toddler who didn't toilet train until nearly 3 and then on my next 2 babies from birth they are fab.

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