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Will it confuse her?

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claireybee Sat 30-Jun-07 12:07:28

DD is 13 months and i'm not even contemplating potty training anytime soon BUT recently when she wees she has started to stop whatever she is doing and squat to do it. She has also started to get up when i take her nappy off, walk a few steps then squat and wee. I'm thinking of putting her on the potty at nappy changes to save my carpet but have heard that partial use of a potty can confuse them as they don't understand that sometimes they can wee wherever they are (in the nappy) and sometimes they have to sit in a particular place to do it... Does anyone have any experience of this? She has obviously just become aware when she wees, hence the squatting, but as yet doesnt have any ability to hold it so potty training is a no no for now.

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