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Tots Bots vs Bambineos

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thefizzyone Fri 29-Jun-07 12:55:34

What are your thoughts from the frontline??

Hit me!

curlywurlycremeegg Fri 29-Jun-07 14:12:28

avoid tots like he plague, poor quality and crap customer service, phone lines have been down al week since they moved and number is now going through to someone elses voicemail....not impressed

hippopowell Fri 29-Jun-07 14:48:50

I just love my Tots. Started with size 1 Fluffles & now on size 2 Bamboozles(baby not me) Got them ages ago from The Nappy Lady so can't comment on their customer service. I can't fault their quality, I fact I love them more & more. They stay so soft, fit my dd perfectly & most importantly I have never had a leak!

Flame Fri 29-Jun-07 15:34:04

Everything curlywurly says - Bambinex (Bambineos) are a better shape, better quality, and better customer service.

The only thing that some people don't like about Bambinex is the completely seperate booster, but I lose everything and have never lost one.

nappyzone Fri 29-Jun-07 15:51:51

yes i 3rd that and the seperate booster thing isnt an issue as it means i can swipe them to double boost a pocket on a night so i actually prefer that. grrrrr

griff30 Fri 29-Jun-07 18:32:12

Loved my Tots ones, again got them from a shop so not had bad Cx service. Saving them for my second due in sept. Would not advise the fleece outer wraps though they were rubbish and just felt damp. Go for the not so pretty plastic variety !

claireybee Fri 29-Jun-07 18:38:38

Bambineos all the way! Better fit, slimmer fitting, quicker drying, don't leave elastic marks around dd's back....

thefizzyone Fri 29-Jun-07 20:09:13

Blimey! This is a tricky one.

What I'm feeling is that Bambineo is the better quality nappy, but Tots Bots is the stronger brand. I feel that I could deck the shop out in Bambineo, but if someone has their hearts set on Tots Bots I might have a bit of trouble converting them

Does anyone know a Tots afficionado who has swapped?

Flamesparrow Fri 29-Jun-07 20:12:14

I was a dedicated tots fan

mozzybear Fri 29-Jun-07 21:45:06

I returned a fluffle the other week because it broke . Got a phone call to acknowledge receipt and explain why there may be a delay in getting a new one out. They also asked me the size as the "label had been cut out" errr no, the now unreadable label is on the booster which I took out to save on postage as I assume they won't be giving me the cash for that. Surely if you work for a nappy co, you can TELL what size a nappy is.... no?

Still no nappy.. should have been despatched Monday.

If I had a drier (or better weather) I'd convert. And thats with trying ONE bambineo.

hippopowell Sat 30-Jun-07 08:46:07

I think both fit different babies really well.I have 1 bambinio, but stick to my Tots as I find it fits my dd better. The bambineo is just too high, it comes nearly under her armpits & is baggy between the legs so makes me think it would not hold poo that well. I can fold it down, but then would have to nipper it, & think why both with the faff of folding & nippering when the tots fits perfectly without any altering. Both parents are what you could call vertically challenged & she loves her food. So if your LO is tall & slim the bambineos sound a great fit, if not then I think you can't beat Tots.

Flamesparrow Sat 30-Jun-07 10:32:44

Ah, see I'm a nippa-er anyway, so am happy with the folding as it gives the best fit for DS and will fit for aaaaaaaaaaaaaages.

amazonianwoman Sat 30-Jun-07 22:24:59

There's no way Tots will last til potty training if LO is remotely above average. My Tots tabs don't reach each other on 3.5mth old DS whereas the Bambineos are still well overlapped. Tots aren't v long in rise either, although I do seem to have the longest baby in the world, as I don't need to fold down our size 2 Bambineos!

mozzybear Sat 30-Jun-07 22:30:47

Agree with Flame about the nippas, give you much better control over fit. Tots and Bambineos (I do have a startling lack of patience with poppers etc and swear lots doing up a sleepsuit

Remember showing mothers friend a nippa once, she was amazed and showed everyone in the pub it crying "look what they've replaced nappy pins with"

On the Tots v Bambineo discussion, I think tots have more of a cutesy factor, esp before the wrap is put on.

bookthief Sun 01-Jul-07 00:19:37

Is there really such a thing as brand loyalty in the world of cloth though? First timers tend to be coming to it pretty much clueless (I'm talking about myself here!) and more experienced fluff-addicts seem to be willing to try anything once... so as long as you are knowledgeable about the pros and cons of what you're selling I shouldn't think that it would matter that Tots has a bit of a name.

Flamesparrow Sun 01-Jul-07 00:22:34

It does though in some ways - I go to demos and they have read up on Fuzzis, Bamboozles and Fluffles... if I show them my bambineo goodness they are often swayed, but in a rl shop you don't have the same interaction

CaraLondon Sun 01-Jul-07 08:37:48

I'm pretty clueless as a 1st time mum-to-be -as per bookthief - so I ordered the starter pack from Fluffles (with poppers) from Tots Bots precisely because of the branding. This was at the end of May for babyLondon due in 3 weeks (in an uncharacteristic attempt to be organised).

Got an email saying that they would be delivering last week - although I had tried to cancel the order 2 weeks ago because of the long wait so that I could try another retailer. Still haven't received anything and cannot confirm either way if my order has been cancelled or not - certainly not had the money back in my account as yet, but that could just be a delay in the payments.

From another thread I read that the poppers on Fluffles are faulty. Wish I had read that and this thread before I ordered... but having gone through the pain of finally deciding on what to go for (Fluffles, because we don't have a dryer - I thought that was an informed choice) I am really quite disillusioned - but what to do? I can't order from another retailer until I've got the £155 back for the starter multipack.

bookthief Sun 01-Jul-07 09:09:20

Don't worry too much about the Fluffles poppers. I've got some and had no problems that way. I think the poster on that other thread was quite unlucky unless there have been more problems since I last saw it!

Fluffles are great, really soft, really absorbant and they do dry in double quick time. If you fancy trying something else at some point though (and you will, it's an addiction!) don't be put off too much by the drying time of bamboo nappies. Bambineos (was Wambamboo, now Bambinex - how confusing!) are my main nappy and I don't have a tumble dryer or outside drying space. They just get dried over an airer and it's really not a problem. I probably have more than I'd need if I did have a drier but I still only wash every 3 days roughly. I use my Fluffles at night and have a few other nappies incase I run short (and because, as I said it's an addiction and it's so tempting to try new things!).

The secondhand market for nappies is excellent so if you do decide to try something else you can always sell a few of your Fluffles to fund it. If they're new/almost new you'll get practically the full value for them.

bookthief Sun 01-Jul-07 09:12:00

I have to say that if I had a newborn going straight into cloth I would consider using folded muslins at first as I think the Fluffles may seem a bit huge to begin with. I really only know what I've read on here though.

Why don't you start another thread? I'm sure you'll get loads of great advice.

thefizzyone Sun 01-Jul-07 13:11:34

Can you use any wraps with the Bambineos?

What are the best choice?

CarGirl Sun 01-Jul-07 13:15:17

yes you can use any wraps (within reason) with bambineos. As I've discovered though the bambineos are so slim/trim/thin (yet unbelievable absorbant) you may need slighter smaller wraps than if you've been tots or something thicker like that.

thefizzyone Sun 01-Jul-07 13:18:43

Are Motherease good for the job? Seeing as there's a bit more size variety than with the Tots Wrap?

Flamesparrow Sun 01-Jul-07 13:26:53

Motherease are ideal - will email you.

CarGirl Sun 01-Jul-07 13:45:16

motherease air flow are the best wraps around for reliability, containment etc (speaking here as a Mum who had a huge in size super we'er as h er first in cloth)

thefizzyone Sun 01-Jul-07 14:23:18

Brilliant CarGirl - thanks for that!!

I have a huge stock of Motherease so its good to know I've got one angle covered!

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