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too old for cloth nappies?

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BumblBeee Wed 27-Jun-07 23:42:38

I have been using bamboozles for nearly 10n months now but my dd seems to wet through them in 90 minutes even with a booster.

Has anyone managed to use these or other brands through to potty training?

They are starting to look quite small on her now too, I am a bit disappointed with this..

xxx BB

domesticgrumpess Thu 28-Jun-07 00:20:27

Message withdrawn

BumblBeee Thu 28-Jun-07 00:23:13

Thanks domesticgrumpess! What are meo's?

ChristinePlushPants Thu 28-Jun-07 06:46:52

MEO = Motherease One Size

I wouldn't suggest Fluffles if you're finding Bamboozles aren't absorbent enough, personally I always find Fluffles no better.

Cotton Totsbots are IMO more absorbent than Bamboozles. Mother-ease Sandy's are good too. For nights try the Easy Peasy Harmony - hemp/organic cotton combination, very absorbent.

Might be worth doing a nappy trial first to test out a few nappies rather than take a chance on a new one and find it still doesn't do the job for you.

Flame Thu 28-Jun-07 07:53:58

My quick flips are about the most absorbant I have.

derah Thu 28-Jun-07 08:42:37

Bumbles with their booster are good for us, and you can easily add another booster if you need one. Saying that, our Bamboozle still lasts DD the full 3-4 hours between changes. Nappies with a fleece liner are great because they're so easy to add more boosters to.

domesticgrumpess Thu 28-Jun-07 12:49:29

Message withdrawn

BumblBeee Sun 01-Jul-07 19:01:47

Oh no that is so heartbreaking! They are SO expensive as well.

I am dreading buying any more to be honest. 15 more nappies is going to be ANOTHER £150 ouch.

I may phone the nappy lady people and get their opinion on this also.

BumblBeee Sun 01-Jul-07 19:02:28

Thanks for your messages everyone.

flibbertyjibbet Sun 01-Jul-07 19:16:53

OMG - you can SHRINK bamboo nappies? Thank god I didn't buy any!!
I wouldn't have managed any brand through to potty training as both my boys are big, one tall and skinny, the other just tall and chunky. I have come to the conclusion that the term 'birth to potty' assumes the nappies will be worn by some dinky girl who will be potty trained by 24m!!!!

BumblBeee Sun 01-Jul-07 20:02:46

Yes you have to dry bamboozles on a very low setting. I have to put mine through the drier twice on low.

'birth to potty' I too am very sceptical about this.

I may do another thread asking what age people have managed to keep cloth nappies on until?

flibbertyjibbet Sun 01-Jul-07 20:23:52

When it became apparent that my DS1 was going to outgrow his size 1 nappies at the stupendously early age of 5m, I made my own which I estimate are a size 2/3.
But if I had bought 'birth to potty' we would be looking at 18 months max on my two.

BumblBeee Sun 01-Jul-07 21:26:07

What did you make them out of?

TrinityRhino Sun 01-Jul-07 21:27:38

my 2 year old is wearing wambamboos
I tumble them quite orten on normal
maybe she is just really skinny

BumblBeee Sun 01-Jul-07 21:29:16

This is promising, how much does she weigh? I will look this brand up on the interweb, gret name...

TrinityRhino Sun 01-Jul-07 21:31:18

flame sells them
dd2 is 27lbs
hope you sort it out and can continue using them

flibbertyjibbet Sun 01-Jul-07 21:50:56

I wanted the best quality towelling so bought little ewe flat nappies and cut them up. Nippa nappie. There is just about 1 full little ewe nappy in each of my home-madeys so they are super absorbent but most of it is concentrated in the crotch area but I did fold out booster so dry quick. Instead of sewing layers together and turning, which creates bulk, I bought (from the US, there are lots of nappy makign supply shops there) special binding elastic which is very soft against baby's skin and folds over in the middle so you just sew it all round the nappy and stretch it a bit over the parts that need to be elasticated. Have lasted really well for two babies. I also made some that had an extra layer of very thick towelling bought from a factory shop, to have for night nappies.
I also made some stuffables for night which are one layer fleece and one layer towelling, just bung another flat nappy inside it for night.
I keep meaning to put the leftover elastic and my patterns in the for sale section but with 1yo and 2yo its just another on the list of things I never get round to.

BumblBeee Sun 01-Jul-07 22:12:24

wow impressive effort flibberty

will look at these now Trinity

Flamesparrow Sun 01-Jul-07 23:30:00

You can only shrink bamboo if you wash it over 60c

Bambinex/Bambineos/Wambamboo (I think they are done namechanging now) ARE a birth to potty job - they fitted my 3yr DD with her HUGE J-Lo arse.

flibbertyjibbet Mon 02-Jul-07 11:51:17

I can't understand why manufacturers make something shrinkable... when the product surely has to be intended to wash at high temperatures!
My boys shared nappies when the little un was out of small size, and if one of them was ill I did mega hot washes.

littlekiwibaby Mon 02-Jul-07 13:21:29

The problem is that people want nice slinky bamboo nappies which means the fabric can't be washed before making up. If it was washed first all the shrinkage would have happened before the nappies were made so the nappy itself wouldn't shrink.
Bamboo terry shrinks because the polyester bindings in the fabric shrink, not the actual bamboo fibre itself- though you cannot use 100% bamboo as it could be too feeble for the job.
Useless info bit lol.

bobsmum Mon 02-Jul-07 13:30:17

Bumblbee - exactly the same has happened to my Bamboozles. I think they have since changed the fabric slightly. There was a very bad batch which stopped taking a Nippa, hence they changed to poppers and velcro.

Mine have shrunk massively and have only ever been washed at 60 and never tumbled.

I have Fluffles, Rainbow Bamboozles and Cotton Totsbots all originally in the same size 2 and all washed and dried identically and they are a totally different size now from my unbleached Bamboozles!

With ds a long longt ime ago there were only cotton Totsbots and he was in size 3 at 18 months. We bought 10 at that age and that was plenty.

Buy second hand if you need more. Now your baby's older you won't need as many as you did.

MrsWaggsnapps Mon 02-Jul-07 20:07:55

DS is back in nappies at 3 yrs 5 mths and onelife fit well (as do Sandy's, Toddle-ease and MEOS to be honest), he's about average I think in height and weight for his age.

I found he went through a very wet phase at about 2 ish and I started to reduce the amount of fluids he drank, unlimited water but very little juice (neat cos it's harder to drink alot of), no squash (goes straight through him) and less milk as he has cereal and loads of cheese for the calcium. That definitely worked.

BumblBeee Mon 02-Jul-07 21:45:47

my 3yr DD with her HUGE J-Lo arse

LOL Flamesparrow!!

Flamesparrow Mon 02-Jul-07 22:51:13

I can say that about it - mine matches

We are a family of ledge arsed women.

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