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Anyone tried Keester Kover AIO's

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horsemadgal Fri 22-Jun-07 09:53:19

Do they work ok? Well for an AIO anyway.
It's not that I need any more nappies but they look cute prints.

horsemadgal Tue 26-Jun-07 15:04:26


nappyzone Tue 26-Jun-07 17:28:07

bumping for you but never heard of them....

kreamkrackers Tue 26-Jun-07 18:09:32

i've got two keester kover wraps from ebay. they're very thick. dd1 didn't take to them probably because they're so thick and she got upset when she sat up with it. they're not really stretchy.

horsemadgal Tue 26-Jun-07 23:38:44

nappyzone, thanks for the bump.

kreamkrackers, sound like a no-no then. Probably not very breathable if they are so thick. Thanks.

Jenkeywoo Tue 26-Jun-07 23:41:21

I got some second hand on ebay a few years back and although they were meant to be an AIO they just leaked like crazy. I have to admit I sold them straight on but did say you would need a wrap with them.

horsemadgal Wed 27-Jun-07 12:49:34

Oh that's not good, thanks for the reply Jenkeywoo. Glad I asked now.

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