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Potty training - no accidents but no potty use!

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Belgianchox Thu 21-Jun-07 21:23:59

Hi, Any advice would be appreciated on this, my DD age 2.4 wears pants during the day at all times except naps, and at night obviously, however though she doesn't have any accidents and seems to have very good control, she simply will not sit on the potty, much less do anything in it. She has been know to wee in the potty, maybe 5/6 times so far, but no more than that. Not sure whether to go back to nappies and wait for a while - someone has suggested to me that she may become constipated because she's holding on. Any thoughts?

cedar12 Fri 22-Jun-07 10:01:06

wees or poos. When does she go then?

Belgianchox Fri 22-Jun-07 12:01:51

She waits to have her nappy on at her afternoon nap, and again at bed time. She doesn't go at all in between, or very rarely.

saralou Fri 22-Jun-07 12:07:08

ds1... the same!!!

just won't sit on a potty or toilet and holds on till i put a nappy on him

i'm kinda burying my head in the sand though, he gets very upset if i try to persuade him or make him wait...

i shall watch this with interest

Brangelina Fri 22-Jun-07 12:24:30

Here too! DD just refuses to sit on the potty and if I try to put her on it just screams. I've tried for 4 days and have put her back in nappies this morning.

Strange thing is, at 20mo she was quite happily using the potty during her nappy off time, but I didn't pursue it as it wasn't the right time for external aspects (lots of upheaval, new job, new nursery etc.). I do now wonder if I should have carried on nonetheless.

I was going to wait another month and try again, but will be watching this thread with interest.

Belgianchox Fri 22-Jun-07 13:46:13

Well, another day, another potty refusal! Although she did actually sit on it briefly today, obviously needed to go, but again preferred to wait for her nappy at nap time - i'm starting to understand why she's suddenly so keen on her afternoon nap at the moment .
We have had a fair bit of upheaval of late, we have recently moved to France to live from Belgium , so new house, new childminder, etc, wonder if that has anything to do with it or whether we would have had this regardless?

twirlybug Sun 24-Jun-07 07:30:26

Hi, i'm having a similar problem with my son who's almost 4. I put pants on him in the day but he won't have a wee until he's got pull ups on. (if i don't let him have them he can hold on all day!) He will sit on the toilet, but the 'wee won't come'
He has just been referred to a continence nurse who will hopefully have some good advice on what to try next. If i find out anything i will let you know

LittleRainbowNappies Sun 24-Jun-07 16:49:16

My DD was like that! When she first did a wee on the potty about 18 months it freaked her out and then from then on she wouldn't even entertain the idea! I left her completely until about 2.5 and tried again but she would do what your DD is doing, hold it all day until we put the nappy on and then go. I didn't think it was healthy for her so we went back to nappies. They about 2 months later she started pre-school and because all the other children were using the toilet she did to and within a week she was dry! I would suggest going back into nappies for a while longer, I was glad we did cos she did it in the end in her own time.

charbar Sun 24-Jun-07 20:51:34

Hi there
have had very similar probs with my DD (2.7months) we have tried 3 times to potty train, at her request, but she witholds poos and wees. The last time we ended up in hospital with a urine infection. She becomes very distressed because she needs to go but seems too frightened to 'let it out'. She is back in nappies again and I am feeling like we will never get past this problem. I can't believe how long she can keep it in!

missytrouble Sun 24-Jun-07 23:35:38

Same thing here!DD is 2.2 and has been dry after her afternoon nap for some time now. She did a wee on the toilet once but now waits and wees in the bath! She doesn't want her nappy back on but won't wee in potty or loo.

Belgianchox Mon 25-Jun-07 13:01:10

Hmm, glad to see i'm not alone, but not very encouraged all the same! We had one wee on the potty this weekend, but only after much shrieking and dancing about holding herself. I think she was very relieved and very pleased with herself, unfortunately nothing since, we're back to the usual "wait for a nappy" routine.
LRN - I was thinking the same re putting her back in nappies for a while, at the same time it would feel like backtracking so I'm not sure.
Twirlybug, do let us know how it goes with the continence nurse, i'd be interested to know what they recommend for this type of situation, i'm a bit at a loss at the mo.
Missytrouble - my dd wees in the bath too, wuth obvious delight! I conclude therefore that she is physically and mentally ready as she can withhold, and decide where to do it, she just hasn't decided that that place will be a potty as yet~!

Belgianchox Mon 25-Jun-07 13:02:01

Will not be a potty, obviously!

missytrouble Tue 26-Jun-07 16:31:05

Am pleased to report that dd did a wee in her potty last night! I was at work so she asked her daddy to show it to me!

She takes great delight in weeing in the bath. She likes the "pretty green water"!!

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