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I want a funky ONE-nappy washable nappy bag (for reusables, obviously). Thoughts?

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fillyjonk Fri 15-Jun-07 18:57:23

the ones I'm finding, eg tots bots, are huge-3/4 nappies. I don't actually WANT to open bags once they have smelly nappies in them. I want to take them home and bung them in the wash without ever touching them

I need either

1. ideas on what kind of cloth i could use to make the bags, and preferably some links, (I like NICE stuff, designer guildesq, not bloody rainbows and cavorting elephants) or

2. A link to suitable bags. Note it needs to be a one shot bag.

CorrieDale Fri 15-Jun-07 19:01:51

I use PUL for mine.

American website

With the dollar being so low, this site is really good value! And they deliver very quickly. You just have to hope that it slips under the customs radar (to be fair, when I've only ordered a couple of yards, my orders always have).

bagpuss Fri 15-Jun-07 19:02:39

Nappies by Minki do a bag that comes with a set of wipes which looks quite small here .

fillyjonk Fri 15-Jun-07 19:10:01

i like the minki ones, actually, but at £6 a go - . BUT it does give me the idea of using fleece, if i can find a supplier of NICE fleece (am fussy no fuzzy spaceships on a too dark background chez filly )

Corrie-how easy is PUL to sew? am tempted if so. and what IS it? I would mahoosively prefer something a bit eco friendly if possible.

bagpuss Fri 15-Jun-07 19:12:49

Filly, I wonder if you e-mailed her, if you might be able to buy just the bags? I know she did do custom orders a while back, not sure if this has changed.

ProjectIcarus Fri 15-Jun-07 19:15:04

you could knit some. You get wool soakers but they aren't generally washable I suppose. Maybe felted wool?

I would have though that fleece would possibly hum a bit, maybe if it is double layered.

CarGirl Fri 15-Jun-07 19:16:06

I just use 99p draw string wash bags from the chemists!!! I'll keep a look out for funky designs for you..........They are perfect size for one nappy.

accessorizewithbabysick Fri 15-Jun-07 20:03:19

Minki ones are quite big really, and bulky with the fleece, I find mine gorgeous but a PITA so have used a PUL bag that I got cheap off nappy lady. Nature babies do a smallish bag (3-4 nappies) which is on angeltots, I think for £4.
What I find is that a slightly bigger bag is useful cos of all the dirty clothing & bibs I can shove in there too but that's obviously not you! There was a lady on ebay selling ones in small, but I couldn't contact her to get me to make some, she might be doing them again now tho. They were nice, had 2 compartments.

Chirpygirl Fri 15-Jun-07 20:06:17

I use cheap makeup/wash bags as well, either draw string or those plastic zip fasten things.
I also carry some zip fastening freezer bags just in case I have a big problem or forget above bags....

CorrieDale Sat 16-Jun-07 11:42:01

PUl is the stuff that they make wraps out of. It's not what you'd call massively easy to sew - it slips around a bit unless you use a walking foot. If you don't have one, then you can Pritt stick the bag together before you sew it, and then it's easy enough to sew. Make sure you don't put the glue on the actual sewing line or your needle will gunk up. The glue washes out afterwards. Use a size 10/12 ballpoint needle. I fasten mine with a drawstring because I am not competent with zips and was too cheap to use velcro (I would probably use velcro next time though - it would make for a less cumbersome bag which, with two in nappies, will be a boon). A yard of PUL will make several small bags.

OR if you want something faster and funkier, why not get some rip-stop nylon from one of the outdoor shops - Pennine Outdoors does a variety of dull colours - and make up the bag with an outer layer of designer's guild or something similarly nice? I haven't bothered because I don't want any problems with wicking, which can result from using a cotton outer, and I am too cheap and too pregnant to fanny around with extra sewing.

snugglebumnappies Sat 16-Jun-07 13:29:50

I like the idea of the PUL inner and cotton outer, I think you may have probs sourceing non boring PUL, this site does great cotton fabric for the outsides

Have you got all your nappies? If you are looking to buy any more pea pods pocket nappies come with their own little wet bag

Cappuccino Sat 16-Jun-07 13:35:10

just buy a damn minki bag

and you have to open the bag goddammit how will the scrunched up nappies get washed if you don't?

Octothechildherder Fri 28-Aug-09 12:56:22

Monkey foot wet bags are pul on inside and cotton on outer smile

4andnotout Fri 28-Aug-09 13:02:48

I was then going to say monkey foot bags! I have 3 and love them!!!

dippymummyto2boys Sun 30-Aug-09 21:15:32

I have 2 monkey foot bags and another 2 on the way (not all for nappies!). I have the sky wallflower and they are so lovely.

ziggyf Mon 31-Aug-09 14:37:03

Ooh, the monkey foot wetbags are gorgeous! Definitely what I will be using next time round. You can get them from Nappy Wardrobe.

Z xx

alysonpeaches Tue 01-Sep-09 22:49:29

I have got 3 tots bots bags as they were on offer at 1.99 each (new) on ebay. But I would also like a bag I can just throw in the washer as my CM puts them in a plastic bag and I keep trying to convert her to a reusable.

If anyone finds a bag for a single dirty nappy that you can just throw in the washer let me know. I have a stinki minki somewhere but never use it.

Octothechildherder Mon 07-Sep-09 09:43:14

alysonpeaches - I have a couple of cheap white drawstring ones - email me on - not anything close to the monkey foot ones but will hold one or two nappies.

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