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Make your own nappies

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karen99 Mon 09-Aug-04 12:32:55

Hi all, I was toying with the idea of making ds his own nappy specifically for his requirements! but I'm stumped on the first hurdle of where you can buy cheap terry on the net. Have thought about purchasing some cheap towels from somewhere but thought there must be a better way of doing it.. any ideas?

Also, I've read it's a help to use a nappy pattern first time so you know how it all pieces together etc. Can anyone recommend one? [honestly I have looked but could only find on an american site which looked nothing like our UK shaped nappies!]

Many thanks

katiesmummy Mon 09-Aug-04 21:04:59

Hi Karen,

I have been using cloth for about 6 weeks now and have made several of my own nappies which I use for night-time mostly.

The pattern I started with is nappy pattern which I have modified a little bit! It is a good pattern though. You just print it out and use as a template.

You might also find it helpful to look at - nappy sewing site

and design own nappies and also frugalnappy sewing

hopefully these will give you some ideas - I use quite a basic sewing machine and don't have an overlocker and I manage fine!

Sorry, no idea where to get cheap terry on the web, I have been buying cheap towels as well, although I have a few links, but have never used these sites, so don't know what they are like - sew shoppe
walter and trixie


oh and hope the links work, never done them like that before!!

Pauline xx

karen99 Tue 10-Aug-04 15:19:03

Oh thank you pauline! I will take a look at those sites asap! The only one I'd heard of was walter & trixie. I too only have a basic machine (my mums!) but thought it was worth having a go.

Thanks again

fruitful Tue 10-Aug-04 15:57:12

This site has some more links to places you can buy materials from:


hana Tue 10-Aug-04 17:51:48

thanks for putting the sites here katiesmummy - have been wanting to make some nappies for dd's dollies.....will just scale down! Also would like to make some for dd/ds when they arrive later on. Have decided to become a 'clothie' secnd time around!

karen99 Tue 10-Aug-04 19:10:33

Thanks fruitful, these are UK resources which is perfect.

The other sites have very good nappy designs. I spent an hour(!) looking at diapersewing this afternoon!!!

spots Tue 10-Aug-04 19:45:06

let us know how you get on karen, I considered making nappies before dd was born but couldn't find convincing pattern... not an option now but could enjoy... what's the word?...vicariously?(or does that have to be a nasty thing?) (o well you know what I mean)

eidsvold Sun 22-Aug-04 10:47:23

Thanks katiesmummy -

found these patterns helpful - used one of the fitted nappy patterns to make wraps rather than fitted nappies ( have prefolds and terries.) Used another pattern to make prefolds. Used mainly the nappy sewing site.

Just bought baby flannelette and some wadding and used some old towels and muslin I had in the house.

Also used off cuts of towels and flannelette as clean up wipes rather than using disposable wipes all the time.

Feeling rather clever Now need no 2 to arrive and I can start using them.....

bloss Tue 24-Aug-04 04:11:33

Message withdrawn

eidsvold Tue 24-Aug-04 06:42:09

oohhh thanks bloss - off to check it out now....

susanmt Tue 24-Aug-04 13:16:53

There's also a nappysewers yahoo group. They're mad, mad!!! (I'm a member but havent yet made a nappy!!)

charleypops Wed 06-Apr-05 17:32:49

Quick thread revival!

Wondering if any of you out there make their own muslin squares - ones that are suitable as nappies? I would like to have a go - they certainly look easy enough. And I have an overlocker! Not sure what weight per sq metre I should look for though or where to buy from. There's a bit on Ebay, but not sure if it's the right stuff..


charleypops Thu 07-Apr-05 11:04:39


alux Sun 10-Apr-05 07:27:44

get the best quality muslin you can find. it should have a high thread count. go around and ask q. at fabric shops or here is a fabric website which sells to a lot of WAHMs. I have not used them, mind. Why don't you order one from the nappy lady so see what you ought to look for and then take that to shops as a sample?
Or phone the people here and let them know what your intentions are? They ought to know the grade of muslin you need or order a swatch and compare?


alux Sun 10-Apr-05 07:28:59



hub2dee Wed 27-Apr-05 15:05:59

I was just searching archives on muslin cloths, charleypops, and read the beginning of this thread and thought to myself wasn't that nutter cp going on about making her own nappies etc. a while back - I should e-mail her - and ta da ! Here you are having already discovered it !

Did you get anywhere with 'Life Lessons on Muslins' ?

If it helps, I've noticed Little Ewe muslins are 80 X 80, bigger than normal, and that they're available singly at if you just want to have a look at one. Anyone used these ? are they nice and soft and thick or crappy ?

Are any that you've found noticably more yummy than the others ?

Us two, eh...

eidsvold Thu 28-Apr-05 01:27:02

i made my own musling squares - just using three or so layers in squares and stitching round the edges. brilliant for dd2 in the early days. Now am using terry squares but have the prefold squares for later on when the explosive breastfed poo she seems to excel at diminshes!! Love my terry squares - just fold them ready when they come off the line and it takes no time at all. Not that we have to worry about drying time here but they dry in next to no time. Use fleece liners - had one that was part of a free pack I had and used it as a pattern for others - just bought a metre of fleece - let me make over 20 liners...

hub2dee Thu 28-Apr-05 17:44:28

Very impressed by your home sewn liners / booster and nappies, eidsvold !

charleypops - glanced at June - what on earth went on / is going on with your washing machine ? Manufacturer or distributor playing up ?

misdee Thu 28-Apr-05 18:05:06

btw, can recommend the babykind site. they are very quivck at delivery. and friendly too.

also good is (i think thats the site)

motherpeculiar Thu 28-Apr-05 18:12:23

i have little ewe muslins - I like them, seem good and soft although i'm no real muslin expert . the size is great for early nappies, more generous than the standard - although could be a tad big for a small newborn. dd was almost 10lbs and they are just fine for her.

hub2dee Thu 28-Apr-05 19:17:37

Hi misdee. Thanks for the links.

I also should get a few links out there for Nappy Trial Service - they're a not for profit company (trading alongside with very reasonable and flexible trial cloth nappy packages. They've had sponsorship to reduce their deposits / charges etc. and look fab.

PS - What are we going to do with your sparkly sis ? On the fags again.

motherpeculiar - have you compared Little Ewe to A N Other muslins ? I know they're bigger but is the thread count / quality the same as the common ones from Mothercare / Tesco / M&S etc. ? Seems like a great way to get all the muslin cloths for dribble plus reuse them as booster / liners for newborns (or is that frowned upon / not very clever / unhygenic... asssuming 60 degree wash) ?


misdee Thu 28-Apr-05 19:20:56

hub2dee, seeing as ypour looking into washables, and seem to be very into it i am assuming you have checked to see if your local coubcil do a cashback incentiver to use washables. get in touch with the local councils waste/refuse depaertment to find out. ours offers £40 cashback.

cant terll mieow off, as have had a few myself. and i do mean a few only.

hub2dee Thu 28-Apr-05 19:46:30

No limo. No strippers. No baby oil.

I've looked around Barnet council's Web site and don't believe they do any grants towards nappies, but I'll call them up and have a moan.

Please don't smoke. It makes me cough.

misdee Thu 28-Apr-05 20:45:42

barnet is herts isnt it? (i'm dense). IIRC only broxborne county council wasnt taking part.

hub2dee Fri 29-Apr-05 06:58:22

(We're both dense) but I think Barnet is a borough, part of which is in the county of Herts.

No fags today or I'm gonna get mad.

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