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Starting on cloth, baby 7 weeks

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owltrousers Fri 16-Mar-18 14:10:00

Hi all!

It was my plan all along to use cloth nappies but I decided for the first month to use disposable while we got used to caring for our baby (first time parents) I've just tried the 1 bambino mio nappy on my DS who is 7 weeks old and 11lbs and it fits like a dream! First test run went ok, lasted about 2 hours (DS pees a lot) no leaks. Now washing it.

My council offer a starter pack of these nappies for £134. That includes 15 miosolo all-in-one nappies, 50 liners, the bucket and 2 bags. Should I go for this - or am I better ordering one of each other brands (Bumgenius littlebloom etc) to try - would love to hear thoughts / opinions!

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