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Motherease Bedwetter Pants

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Hulababy Tue 03-Aug-04 17:25:14

Bedwetter pants here from Baby Kind

Has anyone any experience of using these and how would they compare for me to use these rather than Pull Ups.

Although DD is PT during the day I can see it being quite a while before she is fully dry at night time.

How durable are they?
Do they need changing during the night?
Are they costly compared to using Pulls ups?
How many would I need?
Are they easy to wash?

Any advice/help?

Janh Tue 03-Aug-04 19:36:59

If you are going to need them for any length of time at all I would imagine the cost is worth it, hula.

DryNites are what - about £5 for 12? And the small size in these are £15 for one? Over 12 months you would pay £150 for Drynites but would only need maybe 4 or 5 washable ones (maybe only 3 if you wash a lot and can get them dry quickly) so they would pay for themselves pretty fast, and then you could always use them again later () or sell them on. They hold about a pint apparently so should last all night OK.

(Pullups are cheaper but not so absorbent, would use DryNites if it was me, so that's the best basis for comparison.)

lou33 Tue 03-Aug-04 22:28:11

U yse them for dd2 Hula, who is 7, and they have never leaked on her. Previously they were used on ds1, who is 5, but now dry, and they only leaked the forst time because I forgot to wash them beforehand in my excitement! I've had them for 2 years now I think and they are still going strong. They don't need changing in the night, they are not cheap, but worth the money in the long run I think, and I only have 3, but one or two more would probably be good. I just stick them in the laundry like anything else. They do take quite a while to dry though, and you need to turn them fully inside out to do so. I got mine from The Nappy Lady. Hth.

Yorkiegirl Tue 03-Aug-04 22:32:23

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Wed 04-Aug-04 08:19:51

Cheers all. So you reckon I can get away with 3 for now? DD is only 2y4m so may be using them a while yet. If she is 2 stone 1 I need XS then???

Yorkiegirl Wed 04-Aug-04 09:28:55

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Wed 04-Aug-04 09:30:49

Baby KInd seem to have a 28 day delivery though, so I have contacted the nappy lady - look dearer, but once you have the new order discount the total cost is very comparable - delivey is 10-14 days but often sooner apparantly.

Yorkiegirl Wed 04-Aug-04 09:38:10

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Wed 04-Aug-04 09:39:11

Hulababy Fri 06-Aug-04 08:35:30

I have ordered 3 pairs from The Nappy Lady and, although delivery is normally 10-14 days, they are trying to meet next Wednesday for delivery so I can take them on holiday with me

Hulababy Wed 11-Aug-04 10:56:13

Two pairs have just arrived today and they are now in a quick wash/dry cycle so I can take them away with me on holiday later on today. Phew!!! One pair will follow on later as there weren't three in stock. I will let everyone know how we get on with them when we get home.

lou33 Wed 11-Aug-04 13:00:52

What size did you get in the end?

Yorkiegirl Wed 11-Aug-04 13:02:10

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Fri 20-Aug-04 11:01:59

Message withdrawn

lou33 Fri 20-Aug-04 11:59:53

I have them for dd2 YG, and I think Prettycandles does too. I think they are great.

prettycandles Fri 20-Aug-04 14:29:49

I managed to get hold of one secondhand. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, because I washed it (obviously! ) and have been trying to dry it for the last 3 days - but every time it's nearly dry the heavens open and chuck down rain again!

lou33 Fri 20-Aug-04 16:32:58

Have you a tumble dryer? Still takes about 2 hours though.

Yorkiegirl Fri 20-Aug-04 16:40:46

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Fri 27-Aug-04 15:13:26

I have used these all holiday and they have been fantastic - a great buy :) Not found washing/drying too bad either although I have been using one of those huge, powerful American driers to do them. Will have to see how our own dryer copes!

lou33 Fri 27-Aug-04 15:19:11

Good news Hula .

Yorkiegirl Fri 27-Aug-04 16:19:32

Message withdrawn

prettycandles Fri 27-Aug-04 21:28:49

Mine finally dried - it took only 24h to dry on the line, so lack of tumble-drier isn't a problem, just the unseasonal August we've been having. Unfortunately using the nappy was an unmitigated disaster: by 11pm it had leaked so badly that we had to strip and remake ds's entire bed, including the quilt and change him to a disposable and fresh pjs!

I think the nappy is probably too large for ds, so didn't sit securely, but I wonder, are any of your children stomach-sleepers? From the way the nappy slips down under ds's tummy, I wouldn't be surprised if it got pushed even further in his sleep.

lou33 Fri 27-Aug-04 21:42:06

What size did you get? Ds sleeps in all sorts of positions, but favours his stomach, and we had wetness on the first night as well. Have you thought of putting booster pads insude? I found that once they had been used and washed we never ahd a leak again.

prettycandles Fri 27-Aug-04 21:53:11

Admittedly I got the middle size, and ds weighs 37lb so almost certainly the nappy was too big - well the waistband was loose anyway! I washed it without fabric conditioner, and it wasn't completely wet through when it leaked. I suppose I need to get hold of a small size one.

lou33 Sat 28-Aug-04 00:11:26

I would try a smaller size.

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