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Cloth nappies at night for front sleeper? New to cloth!!

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zozo83 Thu 25-Jan-18 04:43:24

My 6mo ds has started sleeping flat on his front and he's waking up in the morning drenched in wee, poor thing. He sleeps 12 hours (lucky, I know!) and it doesn't seem to wake him up, but obviously I want to find a way to stop the leaks.

We use Pampers at the moment, but we live abroad and they are not the same quality as the ones in the UK. I read somewhere that cloth diapers can be a great solution for night as you can boost as much as needed, and specifically where its needed. But then I have also seen lots of people that use cloth actually use disposables at night, so I'm rather confused! confused

I have always wanted to use cloth, but dh is very resistant, and what with living abroad (India), when I initially researched it I gave up as there just isn't the availability that there would be in the UK.

I'd like to start using cloth at night and see if we can find a set up that stops the leaks, and assuming this goes well, use this as a starting point to transition to using them during the day too (I've basically told dh its not up to him since I do 90% of nappies grin)

Availability here is an issue. I can get a couple of local/Chinese import type brands of pocket nappies that are pretty inexpensive but I worry they are designed for smaller babies and my ds is pretty large. I can also get BumGenius (its not clear which sort, link here - I can also get bamboo and charcoal inserts.

Is it worth me having a go with some of the above? Or is that doomed to failure? I'm thinking if I buy some and they don't work out for night time I can hopefully use them for day time instead.

I can always import from the UK/elsewhere if needed but that would obviously be much more costly and time consuming (like weeks... and I'm pretty desperate for a solution!) If I do import from elsewhere, does anyone have any specific recommendations for this particular issue?

Phew that was a long one. Thanks for reading and for any thoughts.

Faroutbrussel Thu 25-Jan-18 04:58:09

I cloth nappied my DS during the day and used a disposable overnight as I did not like the idea of cold wet nappies for hours overnight. I would double up the disposable overnight if he is a heavy wetter.

Faroutbrussel Thu 25-Jan-18 04:59:25

Also I used bumgenius and loved them, did not try any others.

IDefinitelyWould Thu 25-Jan-18 05:05:40

For overnight I always needed a two part nappy. Little lamb bamboo were my favourite. Ds was a heavy wetter so I put another bamboo booster between the nappy and the wrap. I used fleece liners to keep the wet feeling away from his skin. He never had nappy rash and was dry through the night by 18mo. The little lamb nappies aren't too expensive and there are often offers on their website. Is there a nappy library close to you where you could borrow a few different types to try?

thatwouldbeanecumenicalmatter Thu 25-Jan-18 05:59:29

Night Nappies for a front sleeper, we use a two parter like IDefinitelyWould - a waterproof wrap (the PUL is what makes it waterproof but not rustly like sweaty plastic pants my mam used to use) over a shaped bamboo or hemp nappy.

Motherease are brilliant - both the wraps and the nappies - they look massive and frumpy compared to newer brands but they work and are easy to wash. I use an Airflow wrap over a bamboo or cotton Motherease Sandy nappy with a couple of bamboo boosters inside with a fleece liner next to baby’s skin. These are ideal for front sleepers as they’re side snap nappies.


Blueberry coveralls btp (birth to potty) wrap - they’re about £13 new but I’ve never had a leak on either my DS from when he was 3 months old right up to my DD who’s nearly three! With either a Tots Bots Bamboozle Size 2 bamboo nappy (they Velcro fastened) or a little lamb size 2 bamboo nappy both boosted with a hemp and a fleece lined bamboo booster from Easy Peasy Nappies. As long as you have a few decent wraps you could even just use prefolds or Terry cloth nappies - maybe even bamboo towels folded to about 70cm, this would be a good option as you can then fold them so that they’re more boostered at the front.

In regards to delivery deliver worldwide and are very quick to deliver in the UK, their customer service is spot on and I’ve never heard a bad word about them - I’ve used them a few times and they have a large loyal following! Or how about joining a few Facebook BST cloth nappies groups (drop me a PM if you like I can give you some links) - I’m in a few and as long as you’re upfront about wanting delivery to India you should be fine, there’s plenty of group members who are fine with posting abroad obviously as long as you pay the extra for delivery.

Sorry that was abit epic!

BergamotMouse Thu 25-Jan-18 07:44:46

Another vote for babipur for worldwide shipping.

Very quickly: we like tots bots bamboozles covered with a wrap ( we use peanut wraps) and our absolute favourites for night are grovia ONES. Read the reviews - people love them for nighttime.

zozo83 Thu 25-Jan-18 11:28:51

Thanks very much for the replies everyone, especially thatwouldbe for the epic post - its really useful! smile

Doubling up disposables is a great idea I can try until I can figure out what to do for cloth. Tonight I'm going to try a maxi pad stuck to the front waistband which I read somewhere... fingers crossed.

It seems like two part nappies are the way to go - they are more absorbent I guess? I hadn't realised that, so good to know. I'm feeling more like I will go the route of importing something rather than trying to manage with what I can find here, so thanks very much for the specific recommendations. I'll go and check them out.

Having said that I'm also pretty interested in the idea of terries so I'll look into that too - I should be able get those here as it must be what most of the population still uses (very few use disposables as its just not affordable to the bulk of ordinary people, and modern cloth diapers are only just starting to appear.) No nappy libraries here either.

Babipur looks great! That wasn't on my radar so its great to know about. The thing is I will have to pay upwards of 30 percent import duty on anything purchased from overseas. I'd need to have it sent to my mum in the UK and have her send it over as a 'gift' to avoid that. wink

And what's BST? Pre-loved? I'd be open to it but ds would have a fit! I'll spare him the horror for now at least... grin

JohnLapsleyParlabane Thu 25-Jan-18 11:31:09

A bamboo terry plus a hemp booster and a wool or fleece cover gets us 13 solid hours.

zozo83 Fri 26-Jan-18 14:30:19

Thanks John, that's really good to know.

I've done some further research on flats and I'm going to try it! There's loads of great info over on YouTube. I have ordered some bamboo flats and hemp boosters, plus a cover.

For the record, the maxi pad trick didn't work. I'm trying again tonight with expensive imported pampers like you find in the UK. I hope my new bits arrive quickly as I can't wait to try it now! grin

thatwouldbeanecumenicalmatter Fri 26-Jan-18 14:57:02

Hi @zozo83 - you’re welcome, I’m more than happy to help anyone wanting to cloth 😊

Sorry BST is short for buy, sell, trade. Might be worth having a look to see if there are any Indian groups? I know most people recoil in horror at the thought of preloved (I used to be one of them 🙈) but most nappies people are selling are like new because they find they don’t get on with them or the fit isn’t right for their DC and want to recoup some cash to buy ones that do. Even the used ones are very well looked after as dirty nappies cause rashes and again due to cost and people are aware well looked after ones can sell for more.

30% import! <faints> I can see why the UK groups get quite a few member from abroad - apart from things like companies not being allowed to sell in certain countries, iirc Tots Bots don’t sell to a few Northern European countries and we get a few requests to post there.

thatwouldbeanecumenicalmatter Fri 26-Jan-18 15:00:00

Forgot to say Real Nappy Week is in April in the UK so might be worth hanging on until then to buy the majority of your stash as all the nappy companies/retailers do their big offers then 😊

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