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Aldi or Lidl nappies?

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SparkleSarah22 Mon 15-Jan-18 20:29:25

Hello all!! can anyone say what they think is best; aldi or lidl nappies and wipes? There is a baby event on at the moment so want to make the most of it!! Thanks x

Allgrownup3 Sun 21-Jan-18 23:36:51


Everyone I know seems to be raving about Aldi nappies. I haven't tried them myself yet but looking to do so.

furryelephant Sun 21-Jan-18 23:39:41

I love Aldi wipes! I found the Aldi nappies had a really odd smell and I couldn’t stand them though.

Wisenanna Sun 28-Jan-18 23:18:49

Can anyone tell me about nappy sizes in the UK? Are all brands sized the same way (for instance one leading brand's size 1 is a newborn nappy from 4-11 lbs and the next size, 2, is from 6-13 lbs)? Did you start off with size 1 (newborn) and if so how long did your baby stay in that size? Thanks for the help. As a grandmother I am not familiar with disposibles, all terry nappies and nappy pins in my day! :-)

Allgrownup3 Sun 11-Feb-18 12:31:16

Hi usually you start on newborn. Sometimes people only use them for about a month and then they go into size 1.

It's really depends on the baby's weight.

Hellywelly10 Sun 11-Feb-18 12:35:28

I think there both fine. Buy a pack of both and see how you go.

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