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Night time leaking for tummy sleeper.

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CheltDaddy Sun 29-Oct-17 22:42:36

DW and I have been using Aldi nappies since DS was born, no issues at all - until now. DS 5 1/2 months and in size 3. DS has started to roll onto tummy during the night, causing quite a lot of leakage from the front waistband of the nappy. When he was on his back the nappy that came off first thing in the morning was always very full but with no leakage. Now that he is on his tummy the nappy is similar weight but is full and bulging right up to the waistband and vest/baby grow/ mattress all wet. Any suggestions/ good brand for tummy sleepers?

Rugratwrangler Sun 17-Dec-17 13:16:49

Dunno if you've solved this yet or not, but when my son was a baby and started to sleep on his front I turned his nappies around, so that the bum part was on the front. You could also try buying a larger size, and just making sure it's secured enough. I've always used Pampers too, so not sure buying a larger size of Aldi nappies would help you or not. I did find that Pampers were very good for absorbing a lot of wee, they're a little more pricey, but compared with friends and family using other brands, I wasn't using anywhere near the same amount of nappies per day. Boots and ASDA regularly do very good deals too

Mathbat Sun 17-Dec-17 13:23:00

We use Pampers Premium Protection - worth the extra money for the lack of leaks. We also buy the next size up for use overnight and now have very few leeks from DS who sleeps on his tummy for 12 hours at a time.

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