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Smelly nappy bin?

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crazypenguinlady Wed 09-Aug-17 09:47:14

Only started using cloth nappies for a few months. They get washed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The only problem is , the nappy bin constantly smells. I give it a quick wipe with a damp cloth and tiny amount of cleaner and leave it air for an hour outside but is there any way I can stop it from smelling or is it just one of those things?

crazypenguinlady Thu 10-Aug-17 08:53:08


TheDuckSaysMoo Thu 10-Aug-17 08:56:46

You could try a liner. I used a washable, waterproof bag inside mine, which meant I could just lift the bag and drop it all into the washing machine together.

TheDuckSaysMoo Thu 10-Aug-17 09:00:39

Like this - although a bit bigger might be better:

CWG17 Thu 10-Aug-17 11:01:36

A pillow case would also work well as a washable liner.

But no, you probably won't be able to get rid of the smell, sadly.

It's like when you've got a child in nappies in the house, no matter how much you air out the place or get rid of nappies as soon as changed the house still has a whiff. Parents just get used to it.

Ditsy79 Fri 11-Aug-17 06:25:05

Trying laying a slightly damp muslin cloth with a couple of drops of tea tree oil over the top of the nappies in the bin. Makes it slightly better

SeaSeeker Fri 11-Aug-17 06:46:30

I second essential oils in the bottom of the bin

crazypenguinlady Fri 11-Aug-17 10:03:15

Thanks everyone. Sorry, should have said that I do use a mesh liner that I throw in to wash with the nappies as well.
Will try the essential oil suggestion 👍

notmeobviously Fri 11-Aug-17 10:08:32

I've done cloth for years. When I put my nappy load on I shove the bucket in the bath, pop a Milton tablet in it and fill it with water. Leave half an hour and empty it and leave to drain. Smells fresh as a daisy!

TheDuckSaysMoo Tue 15-Aug-17 21:42:39

A mesh liner will let the smells out. A waterproof bag keeps them inside (if you remember to pull the drawstring. The nuetradol gel things are good too.

llangennith Tue 15-Aug-17 21:52:06

I'm old so when mine were babies there were no disposables, only terry nappies.
We used Nappysan I think it was called?? Rinsed the nappies and liners in cold water then dropped into the Nappysan solution in a white bucket with a lid (actually called a 'nappy bucket') until time to wash them. Mind you, everybody did a daily machine nappy wash, not three times a week.

llangennith Tue 15-Aug-17 21:53:24

It's still available and called Napisan.

thehousethatjillbuilt Tue 15-Aug-17 22:12:17

Do not soak modern cloth nappies in napisan. You'll totally strip the PUL and they won't be waterproof any more.

Dry pail in a bucket with a lid (mesh bags are good for transferring them to the washing machine all in one go without plunging your hands in amongst them) and then clean out the bucket when you put your nappies in the machine.

Or, a waterproof wetbag instead of a bucket and just undo the zip before putting the whole caboodle in the machine.

llangennith Tue 15-Aug-17 22:46:47

What's PUL?

DropZoneOne Tue 15-Aug-17 22:54:33

Polyurethane laminate - the plastic coating on the nappy wraps or all-in-one outers.

OP, I used cloth for 2 years and washed every other day like you. I dry-pailed with a nappy liner soaked in tea tree popped in the bottom. Was just enough to stop the ammonia smell from becoming overwhelming.

ThreeTwins Thu 12-Oct-17 17:04:16

Leave the lid off the bucket. Seriously- it's when you stop air circulating that nappies stink. Night nappies smell worse than day nappies as they hold so much more wee. I give them a quick hand rinse before dropping in the bucket which helps them smell less. Same with disposables- they smell far worse if bagged, than having poo tipped into the loo and thrown loose into the bin.

ThreeTwins Thu 12-Oct-17 17:08:52

Also if nappies are smelling strongly of ammonia, it's worth tweaking your wash routine. I do a cold rinse and spin to get rid of the worst of the poo/wee, then a long 60* cotton wash with a full dose of bio powder. Very rarely get stinks or stains. Insufficient detergent is the main cause of stinks. Check the box for dosing info and measure it out- it can be a lot for hard water/large load!

Calphurnia Thu 12-Oct-17 17:12:15

I wash the bucket while the nappies are in tj machine.
Just washing up liquid.
Then a wee drop of Zoflora with some hot water for a bit
Smells of the Zoflora smile

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