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Reusable nappies - recommended any brands?

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lemureyes Mon 06-Mar-17 16:44:06

Expecting my first and really want to give reusable nappies a try. I have done a little research and would prefer the 2 part nappies but I have no idea what brand to get?!

There are so many out there! I found a great company that made them from organic cotton about a year ago but can't remember the name!

I also wondered if there were any reusable wipes brands that anybody would recommend?

Helspopje Mon 06-Mar-17 16:46:26

i like AIOs
Best brands for us are Charlie banana and blueberry. I also have some bumgenius and fuzzibuns but get on less well with them

Market leader for wipes is cheeky wipes but they are hideously expensive

Imaginarymenagerie Tue 07-Mar-17 12:58:36

Would recommend completing The Nappy Lady advice questionnaire. It's free and she gives tailored advice based on your answers.

AButterflyLightsBesideUs Mon 24-Apr-17 10:38:48

For my 11 week old DS, we're currently getting on well with the new Totsbots Easyfit Stars (but not the older easyfit v3s) for AIOs and the Totsbots bamboozle stretch with a Peenut wrap over the top for nights. I've also just bought some second hand motherease aiflow wraps to try as they are supposed to be brilliant for containment. (will slap them over the leaky v3s if so!)

I often see people recommend Little lambs bamboo nappies with a motherease aiflow or rikki or blueberry coverall wrap for newborns but I haven't tried them myself. We used disposables until about 6 weeks by which point he was big enough for the birth to potty sizes. If you get on the facebook groups "Cloth nappies for sale/wanted UK" and "Preloved cloth nappies and accessories" you should be able to get hold of various to give a try.

Also find out if you have a nappy library in your area, you can often hire newborn kits etc to try before you buy.

AButterflyLightsBesideUs Mon 24-Apr-17 10:39:29

*should say airflow, sorry

PreemptiveSalvageEngineer Mon 24-Apr-17 10:44:44

I just used to buy the ones from China on eBay. Elasticated poppered outer, one booster pad during the day, two at night, lining paper (also off eBay, or in Mothercare if you need them faster), and you're done! I found them really easy. Did about a load of laundry a day, but that included all washing (the rest of baby stuff, non-baby stuff, and we also used washable wipes instead if disposable).

Have also PMed you.

Boooooom Mon 24-Apr-17 10:53:50

^ This!!
Got a load of branded ones second hand which do the job but the eBay/amazon ones are so cheap and I never had a leak.
Fab patterns too

venys Mon 24-Apr-17 11:12:37

For newborn I would just hire a kit as they aren't big enough for birth to potty nappies. Nappy Lady does them, and I think Plush Pants, and a couple of others. That way you get your head around them by the time they have outgrown. Certainly the best types at newborn are fitted nappies or ones that close with a nappy nippa (including terries) because you can adjust them better. Basically at the end of the day, the nappies all do the same thing although some nappies fit better on different babies and at different ages. Also some babies wee more than others - so my youngest really needs bamboo or hemp which is more absorbent than microfibre or cotton (but some take longer to dry). If you are sending LO to nursery then pocket nappies are good as you can pre stuff and workers just put them on as normal. In the 6 years we have had cloth nappies I have gone through favourite stages. Currently my favourite is Bambooty nappies which are absorbent and slim and fairly quick drying. But who knows what I will reach for next month. If you buy someone's stash on a preloved cloth nappy group it may give you an idea of what you like.

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