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Lusciousladylush Thu 01-Mar-07 12:23:39

Advice needed. My DS is 3 in June and great at weeing on a potty and will do the occasional poo, but prefers to poo in his nappy.... but the problem is - he refuses to wear underpants, so if we are home he will run around bare bummed and do his wees (although asks for a nappy for a poo) and refuses to poo in a potty. He is just obsessed with using a nappy, and tells me he will not wear pants at all. Of course if we go out, I have to put a nppy back on as he won't wear pants and trousers.

Short of myself and DH walking around the house in our pants to try and convince him, I'm eager for any advice. Oh - by the way i've tried the lets go and buy you some new pants that you can chose - with whatever kids character he is into, but he still refuses.

I was sop hoping to get him reasonably dry doing the day as i'm expected DS no. 2 next month. Any ideas?

MeMyselfI Thu 01-Mar-07 12:30:48

IMO he's old enough to be told that he either wears pants or you don't go out. That's the choice - no offer of a nappy, he either has pants on or stays at home. I'd carry on letting him have a nappy for a poo when he asks for one, but otherwise he wears pants.

It's a control thing - he has found something that he has control over. But he can only have the control if you let him, so take control back and set him some guidelines and boundaries.

Lusciousladylush Thu 01-Mar-07 12:45:15

Thanks for that, I haven't tried that tact. I'm still working full time so my mother in law and sister in law look after him during the weekdays but I go on maternity leave in 3 weeks so will try it then when hes in my control 24/7. I think having mum in law doing him for 5 days and me for 2 days makes it more tricky - but I'll certain try it!.

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