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obssessed with the potty please help.....

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mum2sam Wed 28-Feb-07 11:14:51

ok started potty traing ds whos nearly 2.5years. Been preping him before for the last few months about what the pottys for etc and he naturally progressed to going to the potty by himself. Any how i put him in pants but he didnt like them so hes been running around with no pants on.I think he didnt like having the pants on because it made it harder for him to use the potty by himself. Any way its early days and weve only had two accidents and he seems to be doing really well. However he seems to be going an awful; lot in such a short time.I mean 3 times in 30mins to the point where his wee looks like water. He seems obsessed with going. Occasional he will go and try and cant go so keeps going back to it until he can. He will do a wee and say no more and 10 mins later go again. Could it be hes just not emptying his bladder properly. He just seems to wee hell of alot.

saffymum Wed 28-Feb-07 12:01:57

Hi, I think you are very lucky to have such cooperation from DS. They can wee anytime in their nappy and so until he learns to hold it for longer inbetween he will go as often as the urge comes. Don't worry about it. At least he isn't weeing on the floor each time like my ds! Try and make him sit for longer, put a little clock.stopwatch with a buzzer or egg timer next to the potty and tell him he has to stay until it goes beep.

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