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What is the best night time nappy for a heavy wetter, long sleeper?

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fairysnuff Tue 27-Feb-07 12:27:30

My fuzzi bunz with insert and muslin was working great but she just seems to be soaked right through everthing at the mo!!

Feeling I have to give in and use disposables but feel really bad cos would rather it was cloth and not paper on her bum for all that time.

Thinking Ellas house with her inserts?

kittypants Tue 27-Feb-07 12:28:43

we use terry,with either another folded terry to boost or fleece backed booster and microfibre and either tots fleece or disana wool wrap.

claireybee Tue 27-Feb-07 12:47:13

Hi, My DD is a heavy night time wetter (she still feeds at least once in the night at 9 months but i dont change her cos then she doesnt go back to sleep afterwards!) and i've found that the following options work for us: Wee Notions (not the pocket one but the nappy that needs a separate wrap), Ellas House Bumhugger and Bumble/Bambeasy all boosted with a pocket nappy microfibre insert. I'm not sure that the Ellas House needs the extra booster but i put it in anyway for my own peace of mind. All these nappies are fleece lined so keep baby lovely and dry. I then use a fleece or airflow wrap and she seems really comfy and the nappy lasts for up to 14 hours (and did 16 one night!)

makesachange Tue 27-Feb-07 13:27:51

Bamboo should be the most absorbant - so Bamboozles, Bambineo, Bambeasy etc are all great.

I like a microfibre booster (I use Swaddlebees ones but there are loads of others) but it's not a natural fabric. Bamboo boosters are also fab.

Definately fleece or wool, or if you're commited to PUL, an airflow.


MyNamesNotFLAMEItsRodney Tue 27-Feb-07 13:32:49

Agree that bamboo is the way to go - I prefer the wambamboos/bambineos because they are that bit roomier/longer tabs so standup to extra boosting room.

Microfibre boosters are great for the absorbancy but still keeping them slimmer - I use the mother of eden ones (mainly because they were the first I tried and they worked well!!), or just a basic microfibre cloth folded up.

Wool is loooooooovely for nights - woollywraps are my preferred (and she is working on new leg desgins which are much nicer for the pull on version).

claireybee Tue 27-Feb-07 18:02:40

Does anyone know if there is an alternative to lanolin for waterproofing wool? I really like the idea of wool for night (i think it has to do with the not needing to wash it very often!) but there is a history of lanolin allergy in my family so dont want to risk it

Flamesparrow Tue 27-Feb-07 20:07:44

Off to research for you now...

Flamesparrow Wed 28-Feb-07 00:32:36

Reply from Jenni at Woollywraps:

"There isn't another way that I know of to waterproof wool wraps, but if she has a pure wool wrap in a double layer wool itself does have a natural water resistance, so it would work to an extent. The other thing she might like to try is a small patch test to see if the baby is allergic to lanolin? Alternatively she could ask one of the WAHMs if they could knit her a wrap in an acrylic yarn (I don't have any stock of acrylic yarn), the wrap would work similar to a fleece wrap. Hope that helps a little."

Don't know if that is any help!

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