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EBF 3mo - acid poos/ crying in the mornings?

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parentsvsPIL Sun 05-Feb-17 22:13:12

EBF 3mo DS has recently started dribbling a lot (we assume this is normal and probably isn't teething yet). In the last few days he's had orange, liquid, sick-y smelling acid-y poos in the morning, with a lot of crying as they come out, and some nappy rash when I left one on for a bit before changing. As the day progresses his poo goes back to its normal yellow-greenish yoghurt-smelling mustardy stuff. He's had almost no nappy rash except when doing these acidic poos.

Is this normal? Any idea what I can do to fix it, if anything? I haven't changed what I'm eating at all in the last week or so.

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