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Need to replace Motherease One Size - with what?! Oh, and I have NO money!!

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Paddlechick666 Mon 26-Feb-07 15:42:32


Well, now I have successfully got dd (16 months) back into cloth I realise she's going to be bustin out of the ME OS soon enough.

She's quite tall and has a lovely fat tummy and she's on the final poppers of both the nappy and the airflow wraps.

So, suggestions and advice please.

Bear in mind, I have no money so will need to flog the ME to finance new(to me) cloth.

Oh, and we have no tumble dryer so nothing that takes forever to dry.

I wish I had the confidence to use terries.

IntergalacticWalrus Mon 26-Feb-07 15:46:34

Terries are easy.

Even DP will fold them now, and he's an imbecile

Paddlechick666 Mon 26-Feb-07 16:03:24


can i use them with ME airflow wraps?

I tried to fold one once and failed - therefore I guess I'm not an imbecile but I'm still intimidated by terries!

IntergalacticWalrus Mon 26-Feb-07 16:04:35

I use them with me wraps, yes.

I use kite fold, and then use loads of stuff to pad them out, as both boys are super soakers!

IntergalacticWalrus Mon 26-Feb-07 16:05:23

kite fold

Bagpuss30 Mon 26-Feb-07 16:08:18

For cheap what you could do is buy a load of terries and then use them pad folded in some rikki wraps or nature babies wraps (cheaper than the rikki). You wouldn't need to learn lots of folds but the wrap does need to be a close fitting one. Also you could buy extenders for MEOS and then get a bit more wear out of them.

MyNamesNotDaveItsRodney Mon 26-Feb-07 16:09:12

As long as they are held together properly then the airflows would be ok.

Do kissaluvs fit any wider? I have a load of those i could pass on very cheaply

MyNamesNotDaveItsRodney Mon 26-Feb-07 16:09:57

Ohh yes - padfolded terries could work well

Paddlechick666 Mon 26-Feb-07 16:13:43

wow! so much info.

okay, MO extenders? what's that all about?

kite fold looks impossible to screw up - thanks for the link.

is this the same as pad folded?

wetting isn't too bad but the poo is either seriously sticky or seriously runny!

Bagpuss30 Mon 26-Feb-07 16:22:12

Extenders like little bits of fabric with poppers to add on the the original tabs of the nappy. Not sure who stocks them though. Pad folded terries are literally folded into a pad like a prefold but may not work if dealing with runny poo.

BuffysMum Mon 26-Feb-07 16:24:37

yes I've seen motherease extenders for sale somewhere to make them wider? Def your cheapest option.

Just wanted to add tumbling your nappies kills them anyway!

Also toddlers often slim down and fit back into MEOS anyway so don't panick and spend money yet she may not grow out of them. Are they under her tummy bump yet or gong over it?

Paddlechick666 Mon 26-Feb-07 16:37:12

hmm, the extenders sound interesting.

they currently sit under her tummy, they're pretty low slung at the front LOL.

i've been told to expect her tum to slim down, good point.

mind you, she's been walking 3 months and is very active and she's still a lovely little podge!

wrt the wraps, her thighs are pretty chunky too so am concerned about a tight fit there too.

there's a littl bit of room in both at present tho so it's not majorly urgent.

BuffysMum Mon 26-Feb-07 17:03:02

what size wraps is she in - me/popolini popper wraps go up to xl and my dds managed in them at nearly 3?

Paddlechick666 Mon 26-Feb-07 19:52:47

just checked and they're Large so I guess it's possible to get XL if necessary then.

misdee Mon 26-Feb-07 19:55:50

yes ME do XL wraps.

makesachange Mon 26-Feb-07 20:00:58

We do the ME wraps in XL (don't forget to use code "mumsnet" at checkout for 10% discount).

I think that Babykind so those nappy extenders. I'm sure I've seen them on their website.


MyNamesNotDaveItsRodney Mon 26-Feb-07 20:14:19

Nope - no nappy extenders from babykind apart from for mommy's touch

BuffysMum Mon 26-Feb-07 20:17:03

twinkle on the web sell nappy nation extenders/boosters that fit MEOS but £4.95 each!

Bagpuss30 Mon 26-Feb-07 20:19:02

Twinkle have some here (You'll have to scroll down a bit). HTH

washingqueen Mon 26-Feb-07 20:20:31

What about ME Sandy's Toddlerease nappies? not tried them out on my DS yet but apparently they can also be pulled up and down when potty training.

Not sure on cost of these though - have seen some for sale occasionally on nappy lady.

Paddlechick666 Mon 26-Feb-07 20:45:13

oooh brilliant!

thanks all, will check them out.

makesachange Mon 26-Feb-07 22:49:07

Flamenotdave - yeah that must be what I saw. Sorry.

maisiemog Mon 26-Feb-07 23:33:48

I'm just thinking, a lot of nappies use the same size snaps, so perhaps the Mommy's touch extenders would work if you can't find anything else??
Or did you find something??
I got lost reading the thread - this is about outgrown MEO's isn't it??

MyNamesNotFLAMEItsRodney Tue 27-Feb-07 11:17:35

The mommy's touch are a double layer (sort of like the airflows), so I was thinking they wouldn't work very well (unless of course you just have flappy bits)... its a shame I haven't got one yet or I could have compared sizes.

Trying to get one of everything I'm stocking but obv funds are an issue

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