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what are the best slim fit new born cloth nappies?

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vnmum Sat 24-Feb-07 20:05:28

hi, i am currently using a selection of tots bots size 2 (rainbow, fluffle, bamboozle) and ME airflow wraps on my 15 month old. i am now beginning to research newborn cloth nappies for my planned DC2.

i want a slim fit so as i dont need to buy loads of new vests and clothes etc as DS was in disposable first off, but i also need good containment for breastfed poos.

which are the best ones for me? ive looked at tots again, wambamboos and like the idea of the umbilical cord fold down on the kissaluvs but dont remember hearing of anyone using them on here.

any advice gratefully received

frenchleave Sat 24-Feb-07 20:16:45

Bimbles were my favourites when DS was teeny as they are the smallest nappy I could find and they are really diddy. The downside is that they won't fit for long, but their resale value is good.

vnmum Sat 24-Feb-07 20:22:46

going off DS birth weight im expecting 9lb or above. im planning on buying a few more size 2s for ds anyway so i would just use these when the smaller ones are outgrown as theyre all nippad

Bucketsofdynomite Sat 24-Feb-07 20:36:53

I'd recommend muslins or 50x50 terries with nippas. Much easier than everyone thinks, quick drying, great containment, cheap cheap cheap and a million uses when outgrown.

MyNamesNotDaveItsRodney Sat 24-Feb-07 21:32:10

I have heard sooo much good things (so much?! so many!!) about the size 0 kissaluvs or the size 1 wbbs would be my choice.

vnmum Sun 25-Feb-07 16:09:29

are the kissaluvs slim fitting and what wraps are slimmer than air flow?

makesachange Sun 25-Feb-07 17:49:16

WRT slim fitting wraps, Airflow aren't slim fitting - they're loose fitting. Rikkis are slimmer, as are Tots.

WBB/Bambineo all the way for me for slimness and size 2s without boosters would be ideal for the larger newborn.


makesachange Sun 25-Feb-07 17:50:35

Oh and if you're feeling flush, Swaddlebees organic velour ;-) Great containment, super slim but pretty expensive and no good for your DS as they're in 3 sizes.

claireybee Mon 26-Feb-07 11:49:35

I LOVE Kissaluvs! Not so good once baby gets older as they dont hold a huge amount of wee (the size one would last my dd 3 hours and then be saturated where other nappies would last 4 and still be ok)but good on poo containment and sooo slim fitting. They look so cute on as well!

vnmum Mon 26-Feb-07 16:50:44

thanks everyone, im going to order a tots wrap and a WBB for my DS to trial them (any excuse) then i can decide. i was thinking about bamboozles but not sure if the popper fastening will have much adjustability and also i dont like that the booster is stitched in as DS now doesnt need a booster but i cant take them out

makesachange Mon 26-Feb-07 20:05:15

vnmum - good choice. If you buy them from me (and other nappy retailers are around!!!!!!!) use code "mumsnet" on checkout for 10% off.


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