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wearing pants!!!

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froggyjo Sat 24-Feb-07 10:43:44

please can anyone give me any advice i am TRYING to potty train my 2and a half little boy but he refuses to wear pants of any type .i ahve taken him shopping and let him choose his own everything but he refuses to wear them and is now asking for his nappy on again.

Mumfun Sat 24-Feb-07 16:41:52


do you think he is really ready. Are there other signs of being ready? DS was ok on pants but refused to go anywhere near a potty or toilet. We didnt push it as there were no signs of interest in potty training and he said he wanted his nappies but after turning 3 we did resort to bribery.

We gave him a lollipop when he sat on the loo.

If you think hes ready otherwise, I think most people would resort to bribery eventually. Or maybe sticker chart first - DS was not interested in sticker charts at all.

Sorry not more help

froggyjo Sat 24-Feb-07 18:32:02

thanx for that he will go on the toilet hates potties only thinhg that worries me is he startsschool in sepember 2 days after he is 3 and i want to make sure hes ok by then .
why are boys so much harder than girls maybe its just a mail thing!!!!!!!

horsemadgal Sat 24-Feb-07 23:12:01

September is ages away.
My son was 3 in December and he goes to nursery in pull ups (Lidl's ones), they last the 3 hours.
Don't think nursery can refuse them if they aren't potty trained anyway.
Obviously it's up to you, but I'd keep the nappies on (or try pull ups) and keep on with him using the toilet with loads of praise etc. He will come in his own time.
Good luck, M x

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