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Do Motherease wraps wear out?

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Smithagain Fri 23-Feb-07 18:29:56

We are on our second child, using Tots Bots nappies with Motherease wraps (the ones with poppers).

At 18 months old, DD2's nappies have started leaking two or three times a day. Her trousers are getting wet between the legs. But a lot of the time, the nappy is still partially dry, so I don't think it's because we are leaving the change too late.

We never had this problem with DD1. I'm wondering whether the wraps have lost their waterproofing. Or is DD2 just a champion wetter? I'm very reluctant to pad the nappies out any more - she has chubby thighs and already walks like a cowboy!

kittypants Fri 23-Feb-07 18:31:53

i doubt it.but could she be ready for next size?my ds started leaking and i hadnt thought they were too small but moving to next size stopped it!how about just one microfibre?wont make her bum much bigger!

Miaou Fri 23-Feb-07 18:34:33

I second kittypants - do you have any of the next size up totsbots? I guess your dd is in size 2 atm, maybe she needs size 3?

My ds is 18m and in Totsbots size 2 but doesn't have chubby legs. I also use motherease wraps (one with poppers, one with velcro), both at least secondhand if not third, and we don't have any leaks.

Maybe get one or two and try it out?

kittypants Fri 23-Feb-07 18:36:17

mine are all very second hand!cheaper that way!!!

makesachange Fri 23-Feb-07 18:41:53

Yes, they can wear out and become less waterproof. This is the case with all PUL wraps.

You can try hot tumbling them for 10 minutes - sometimes seals the PUL - but sometimes also finishes them off so that's always a risk...


Miaou Fri 23-Feb-07 18:50:48

oh thats a point MAC - I never put my wraps in the tumble drier, just leave them to dry naturally, as I read on here that it can shorten their life. They dry incredibly quickly anyway.

MrsWaggsnapps Fri 23-Feb-07 21:20:43

I checked out a manufacturers site once (the co. made PUL and other waterproof fabrics) and they only guarantee PUL for 100 washes so yes they will. I found the old print wraps (whales and paws) wear out faster than the new ones, so they may have got a better PUL source (that's starting from new with both)

kittypants Fri 23-Feb-07 22:44:20

100 washes isnt that many!

Smithagain Fri 23-Feb-07 23:00:31

Thanks ladies. The wraps have certainly had well over 100 washes after nearly two years' service! I think we will get one new one and see if that makes a difference.

maisiemog Sat 24-Feb-07 10:32:35

I have heard even lower figures than that Mrs Waggsnaps - some sites say 20 washes for PUL, but I can't say that has been my experience.
There was an article on a US site saying that a hot wash of around 60 degrees and tumble drying realigns the little 'rods' that PUL is made of and fills up the tiny holes in the fabric. :0?
Mind you it wasn't very clear whether to tumble on hot or cool.
Somebody posted the other day saying to avoid the hot tumble dry because it would melt the PUL, so perhaps a cool.
I did tumble a procare (like PUL) pocket nappy a while back on the hot tumble for about 20 minutes and the fabric was fine, but the snaps had distorted with the heat.
I'm probably not helping much am I.

Washing the wraps with fabric conditioner helps to re-waterproof the wraps and I spray leaky pocket nappies with clothing waterproof spray, which seems to sort them out.
Sorry if I have given you a headache, but there might be something in there to help.

horsemadgal Sat 24-Feb-07 23:17:21

Agree with maisiemog re the fabric conditioner. Wash in it and them tumble in low for about half an hour.
HTH, M x

makesachange Sun 25-Feb-07 17:57:33

'course, washing with fabric conditioner NORMALLY is a no-no as it reduces nappy absorbancy, can cause rash and irritation and can damage wraps if used too often.

Sorry, suck eggs and all that.


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