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The never ending search for nappy advice

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maveta Thu 22-Feb-07 09:02:19

First of all, thank you all so much for your patience in answering the same questions a million times over! I am building up my real nappy collection (still very small) in prep for my baby arriving in April. So far I have

1 bamboozle
1 diddy diaper
1 sandy´s
1 terry (to try out)
about 14 muslins
tots redrap
and a few rikki and airflow wraps

Now I know I need more although I will be happy to wash everyday at first and I live in a hot climate so drying should not be a problem. I am also pretty sure I can use muslins at first (she says nervously).
My question is. If I am going to buy a few more shaped nappies, which I want to, would you recommend a few more in size 1 (all I have is size 1 at the moment) OR a load more muslins and then start buying in size 2 for a longer term saving? e.g. I want to buy some wam-bamboos but just today started wondering if I should really buy more size 1s or if it´s just a waste and whether I should take the plunge with some bigger ones?

Flamesparrow Thu 22-Feb-07 09:11:51

I would say a couple more size 1s, but with the wbb go for size 2 and just fold it down.

A lot of size 2s can look very bulky on a newborn and be a bit offputting... the wbbs are that much slimmer though.

Ooooh - if you're planning to use from day one then you have to get a size 0 kissaluv... they are gooooooooooooorgeous

Rainbow tots are good for prettiness, quite a slim fit, but faster drying than bamboo.

I've been looking at huggles lately too (purely for snuggle factor) - they are meant to be a good night nappy.

It seems wrong to have a collection without a motherease one size too

I love shopping for other people!

maveta Thu 22-Feb-07 09:16:33

LOL´s so much more fun spending other people´s money!

Never looked at the kissaluvs, will go look now. And for cheapness maybe the extra size 1s could be diddy diapers? Then I can get a couple of wam-bamboos in size 2 and a motherease.. I have been debating the MEOS but although they seem a staple part of every collection, they don´t seem to be raved about all that much. Should really try a rainbow tots too...

Maybe asking for advice was a baaaaad idea?! lol. Thank God dh is leaving this to me and not asking too many questions

Flamesparrow Thu 22-Feb-07 09:21:50

I have a meos, but its not my preferred nappy... I've not used it on a teeny tot though

kissaluvs here

maveta Thu 22-Feb-07 09:23:27


Bagpuss30 Thu 22-Feb-07 09:28:06

Bimbles are also especially good for a newborn. If you are feeling very rich you could also buy a swaddlebees organic velour fitted nappy (they come in sized and one size) and are just the most luxurious nappy ever and look cute too .

I got a swaddlebees AIO yesterday and it was gooooooooorgeous, but too small - very tempted to get a velour instead

SachaF Thu 22-Feb-07 12:46:07

night wise i use a bumhugger (ella's house) which keeps him v dry. i also quite like their hemp nappy for when i'm out and about. otherwise cotton bottoms are my staple - easy wash and dry, then can use as cloths as well on change mat.
i moved up a size after 6 weeks so don't go too crazy on the newborn sizes - i even got 2nd hand for newborn as i knew they wouldn't last long.
imo a muslin would never have worked for the amount of poo there is at first - but i never tried it. i still have 11 muslins though for burping / vomit so they are not a waste!

makesachange Thu 22-Feb-07 13:20:22

Kissaluvs are gorgeous, but I also love the Baby Beehinds nappy (all fabrics) which are a birth to potty nappy. They don't fit as large a toddler as WBB (but what does?) but they're very versatile and I think they're worth their money. Mother-ease one size are very popular, and they're great, buuut (and I sell the Mother-ease and not the BBH!!) I still prefer the Baby Beehinds.

WBBs - we do discount packs of 6 or 12 so it may be worth getting, say, 2 x 6 packs, one size 1 and one size 2 (I would give you the 12 pack discount on 2 x 6 packs).


maveta Thu 22-Feb-07 14:18:34

Makesachange..I´ll have a think, it might be worthwhile doing that.. btw I´m the person who emailed you yesterday re. postage to spain. Tried to look at your website today but was having probs. Will try again shortly.

swaddlebees do look lovely but I think they´re a bit expensive until I know for sure how this nappy thing goes i.e. once lo has made his appearance.

Also thought the same thing about newborn generally trying to get size 1s which should (?) fit for a few months.. but the kissaluvs and bimbles do indeed look cute and one or two shouldn´t break the bank...

makesachange Thu 22-Feb-07 14:33:41

Oh hi! Yes, I remember, of course.

Yes, currently undergoing "maintenance" (read our IT guy was trying to upgrade something and it broke everything....)

Desperately trying to get things going again. Sorry about this.

(tearing hair out)


maveta Thu 22-Feb-07 16:16:22

That must be driving you bonkers. No matter, will check it out tomorrow.

makesachange Thu 22-Feb-07 16:28:04

It is, I can't tell you!

Hopefully tomorrow... Emma

Nemo2007 Thu 22-Feb-07 16:38:47

I have used meos from birth with both dds and not had a problem. They are a good reliable nappy but not the nappy I love if that makes sense. They are easy for a beginner which is why I got them as I had used disposables on Ds. There are just soooo many to choose from, I really like WBB nappies especially for DD1 now she is toddling. DD2 tends to be more in the meos or tots bots at the min.

makesachange Fri 23-Feb-07 18:39:49

We're Baaaccckk!

Still having that wine, tho


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