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shall i just go for it now.....

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mum2sam Wed 21-Feb-07 12:52:34

ok ds is nearly 2.5years. I had planned originally to potty train him in the summer before his 2nd birthday but didnt feel he was ready.And didnt want to try him in the winter. Instead i got the pottys out and put his teddys on there etc and got him to sit on it too and on the rare occasion when getting him ready for his bath i managed to catch him going for a wee so stuck the potty in front of him. Gave him loads of praise etc and got him to empty it down the loo and pull the flush.Ive basically just been getting the message across what the pottys for and offering him the chance to use it when changing his nappy etc or before his bath. He can now say poo and makes weeing sound etc and even tries to go to the potty when he cant.He can now sometimes but not all the time tell me hes going for a poo though normally its after. However a few times now when ive allowed him to have just his nappy on or off he has gone over to the potty by himself and done a wee.Today he pulled his willy out from his nappy and walked over to the potty and stood and done a wee.So what do i do now shall i put him in pants and go for it. What do you do when you take them out and they need to go because normally when they tell you they are already going.

WigWamBam Wed 21-Feb-07 12:56:12

Go for it - if taking himself to the potty isn't a sign that he's ready then I don't know what is!!

When you take him out, make sure you know where all the public or store toilets are, and take him to them to try for a wee every twenty minutes or so. Don't bother with training pants, they're too confusing because they feel too much like a nappy - get him into those big boy pants and see how he gets on.

You could always take a potty with you if you think it would help - you can get portable ones with disposable liners.

Good luck - he sounds more than ready to me.

mum2sam Wed 21-Feb-07 12:56:23

Also do you keep them in nappys over night still? Do i just let him run around in pants and let him lead me like he has done with me offering now and then or should i start sticking him on the potty in the morning, lunch time, afternoon getting him in a routine etc.

mum2sam Wed 21-Feb-07 12:59:58

thankyou-yeah ive been preparing him for when the weather got a bit warmer so its a bit easier when we go out. Deep breath ok here we go then.....

WigWamBam Wed 21-Feb-07 13:01:08

Nappies overnight, he may not be ready to be dry at night for ages yet. Nappies for naps too at first, until he's reliably dry in the day. Letting him run around in pants is fine, but I found that leaving dd in ordinary clothes was fine too - at some point you may need to show him how to take his trousers down and up. Elasticated waist trousers are best - he can deal with those easily.

I'd suggest that you let him take the lead - explain what you're going to do and that he can go to the potty himself when he wants to, but give him gentle reminders every now and then because he may forget himself.

mum2sam Wed 21-Feb-07 13:06:06

thank you that helps-i will have to buy some loose trousers as he does find it hard to pull them down etc.

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