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Cloth nappies - wipes

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bitzermaloney Mon 19-Feb-07 16:17:35

Have just begun using Bumbles and now that I have escaped the use of plastic nappy bags I'm wondering how you all dispose of the wipes. Do you flush them with the liner? Bin them? Or do you all use washable wipes instead?

purpleturtle Mon 19-Feb-07 16:20:47

I'm using washable wipes this time round. Before I used to bag and bin the wipes. But tbh the washable wipes are so easy - keep some damp in a plastic box (the ones from takeaways are ideal) - and then they just go through the wash with the nappies.

northender Mon 19-Feb-07 16:22:41

Washable wipes every time. I reckon it's saved us as much money as the nappies

purpleturtle Mon 19-Feb-07 16:23:24

I wouldn't want to flush normal baby wipes, becuase they don't disintegrate in water - having occasionally washed them with nappies I can vouch for them staying in one piece!

Miaou Mon 19-Feb-07 16:29:29

washable. I got a pack of 10 facecloths from Ikea, cut them into quarters and hemmed them. 40 instant wipes!!

I do tend to use disposable ones when I'm out (and nappy sacks to take the nappy home in!), but so far I have bought two packs of wipes since ds was born 18 months ago so I don't feel too guilty!!

bitzermaloney Mon 19-Feb-07 16:33:18

Sounds like I should give washable ones a try then. So do you just use water, or what?

purpleturtle Mon 19-Feb-07 16:50:43

i just use water, but i have seen recipes for something 'stronger'/pleasant smelling.

ivelostmyboobsboohoo Mon 19-Feb-07 16:52:23

washable fleece wipes, lovely and soft and so so cheap, must have saved ourselves ablout £4 a week! i used water and occasionally a mix of baby bath, water and few drops of lavender oil. i bought my wipes off ebay BTW

tassis Mon 19-Feb-07 16:52:29

25p tesco value face cloths. didn't bother to cut them up, liked them big (ds was about 15 months by the time we switched to cloth though). Just used warm water from the top as changed nappies in the bathroom.

purpleturtle Mon 19-Feb-07 16:54:36

eidsvold's post on this thread , for example

northender Mon 19-Feb-07 16:56:13

You could buy fleece and just chop it up into suitably sized pieces (no stitching needed fleece doesn't fray). A nice mix to use is chamomile tea, few drops of baby oil and few drops of lavender. Bit of a faff but worth it if bum sore.

CorrieDale Mon 19-Feb-07 16:57:21

Washable wipes - fleece ones. We make up camomile tea, add some baby shampoo, some olive oil and a few drops of tea tree oil. It's saved us some serious money. And bin space.

CorrieDale Mon 19-Feb-07 17:01:02

x post!

makesachange Mon 19-Feb-07 17:06:38

I love fleece wipes. fleecehats on ebay sells good ones (email her if she's got none listed), or you can make your own.

Just use water, or one of the many wipe mixtures listed on T'internet.

If you want to use disposable wipes, DON'T flush regualar ones. Some, like our Ellie Smellie wipes are flushable (but washable ones are much cheaper) but most are made from plastic and NOT flushable.


Muminfife Mon 19-Feb-07 17:09:22

Message withdrawn

xemo Mon 19-Feb-07 17:36:27

ann1361 on ebay is selling wipes cheap at the moment mixture of fleece towelling and flannelette ones as well.

bitzermaloney Mon 19-Feb-07 18:39:36

Great, thank you everyone . I will get me some washable wipes right now.

eidsvold Tue 20-Feb-07 06:36:58

came on here to post and see I don't need to - thanks purple turtle

What i used as well as washers, off cuts of old towels, flannelette - just cut and hemmed - was heavy duty jay cloths - cut them into 8ths I think and almost 2 1/2 years later they are still going strong. Not sure if you can get them in the UK - will try and find a pic. Think I bought three packs - they had three in each and I got tonnes.

here you can get them in Aus - not sure of the UK equivalent.

Wallace Tue 20-Feb-07 08:02:30

I use washable wipes, and the occasional baby wipe. I wash the baby wipes, and use them again too

UniSarah Tue 20-Feb-07 22:11:18

washable wipes and water. I miss them when using dizzys on holiday, seem to need about 5 throwaway wipes to clean his bum when 1 washable does it better.

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