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Potty training now - please help!!

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Susimum Mon 19-Feb-07 11:08:18

I've started potty training my ds (2.10) today (I tried six months ago but I was pregnant, he wasn't ready and it was a nightmare) yesterday he was excited about wearing big boy pants and using the star chart but today it's gone horribly wrong. He weed in the potty twice after a lot of nagging and has since refused to go near it and has weed on the floor twice. I feel like I'm nagging him constantly. Should I carry on reminding him or leave him to it? Any advice or tips would be gratefully received!

MagicalMay Mon 19-Feb-07 12:02:02

Hello, I bought a 12 page ebook from ebay when i went to potty train my DD,
I started to Potty Train at 16mths old but only because she was telling me by pointing / winning when she needed to poo.
Any way its called 'Potty Training in a morning' the basics took a few days not just a morning, but it did work.
I can email it to you (any anyone else) if you like

Susimum Mon 19-Feb-07 12:04:15

That would be amazing thank you!

burstingbug Mon 19-Feb-07 12:05:11

MagicalMay, could you email me please?
DS1 is 2 on Wednesday and we have up to 3 accidents a day. We've been PT since the new year.
burstingbug @ hotmail . com

Susimum Mon 19-Feb-07 12:09:43

Forgot to put my address - thanks

Jenski Mon 19-Feb-07 12:12:23

Me too please. My e-mail is - Thank you

clairejo Mon 19-Feb-07 12:14:13

me too please.

LynnC Mon 19-Feb-07 12:57:13

me too please - not yet started but hoping to very soon. thanks

MagicalMay Mon 19-Feb-07 16:12:55

Hello I have sent you all an email, I have also attached another help guide I had 'Potty Training 5 lessons' (inc bonus lesson) this has a link in it to buy her book if u wanted to. I didn't but its there anyway.

Get the boyf / hubby to make you a nice cuppa and sit down and read these in the evening when the kids are in bed

Hope it helps all of you

burstingbug Mon 19-Feb-07 16:14:14

Thanks muchly
Lets hope DS1 gets the hang of it better now.

LynnC Mon 19-Feb-07 16:20:25

Thanks MagicalMay just received your email. Hopefully I will feel more confident in trying after reading it.

mckenzie Mon 19-Feb-07 16:23:01

Magicalmay - please could I be really cheeky and ask for a copy too?
email address is

MagicalMay Mon 19-Feb-07 16:27:03

Susimum - i never used any type of potty training nappies, i picked a time when i new i would be in for a few days, put some spare carpet down in the front room (to hopefully catch any accidents), Then just went for it - bare bum I kept the carpet down for 2 weeks to make sure. Personaly i think it confuses them with potty training nappies but im at home with 1 child so was able to stay in for a few day.
Also i used pampers disposable changing mats folded in half on the buggy seat and car seat just incase, they are very good.
DD still has a night time nappy - im not ready to take that 1 away hehe

MagicalMay Mon 19-Feb-07 16:29:42

Mckenzie - its ok - its nice be able to help others.

Good luck

mckenzie Mon 19-Feb-07 16:51:25

thanks very much MM - got it already

PizPizPiz Mon 19-Feb-07 18:45:15

me too please - Thanks a lot, I'll be eternally grateful

MummyTo1PlusBump Tue 20-Feb-07 10:22:03

Hi can i be really cheeky and could you send me a copy too, ive been trying for a week or so to no awail, i would be eternally grateful.
my email is (its my hubbys lol)

ScottishThistle Tue 20-Feb-07 10:32:26

I stay in for a few days & have the child only wearing pants...potty very close by & just encourage the child to sit on it every twenty minutes or his/her favourite books whilst on potty if he/she doesn't seem keen to sit...Lots of praise for using potty even if not done a wee.

Good luck!

Jenski Tue 20-Feb-07 11:24:07

Thank you Magical May. Sooo looking forward to not having to buying two lots of nappies!!!

goldfinch Tue 20-Feb-07 12:24:18

can i be cheeky too & ask you to send me a copy please., thank you!

MagicalMay Tue 20-Feb-07 13:11:46

I sent the email to all who have asked
Good luck

Susimum Tue 20-Feb-07 14:48:45

Magical May you are a wonderful woman thank you! I think part of the problem with ds is that he is pretty lazy and likes things to be done for him where possible (typical man?!) He was never bothered by a dirty nappy as a baby and still isn't that concerned now. Having to use a potty or toilet means taking time out from other important things like reading, playing and watching TV. Anyway, he's in big boy pants and we've had less accidents today than we did yesterday so we'll just see how it goes. Good luck to everyone else.

MagicalMay Tue 20-Feb-07 16:04:46

No problem, its nice to be able to help
I do feel abit bad, i seem to have taken over your thread Sorry i didnt mean to

sniff Tue 20-Feb-07 16:15:50

hi could i be cheeky and ask for a copy I am trying to no avail to get my 3 yrs old ds out of nappies he is really not getting it my email is thankyou ever so much

MagicalMay Tue 20-Feb-07 16:36:23

Sniff Just sent you a email Good luck

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