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So many washable nappies! What to do with them?

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Leeloo2 Tue 16-Aug-16 11:23:57

I've got my nappy stash out to sort through, as dd has just potty trained and I have so, so many.... And in 3 sizes! All mostly beautiful organic cotton or bamboo Little Lambs type ones and Motherease popper wraps and some Tots Bots elasticated wraps.

How am I getting broody just looking at nappies? Maybe its sad letting go of the dc's being babies?

Anyway, I'd love for them to be reused. Where's the best place to sell them on?

Also I have a few to donate, like the modern baby gingham ones, which looked beautiful new, but looked 'worn' really quickly. Does anywhere take them? They're usable, but not pretty.

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