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Best terry squares?

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Newlywed123 Thu 30-Jun-16 15:42:15

Im new to cloth nappies and read that terry squares are fab and affordable. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

BombadierFritz Thu 30-Jun-16 15:47:40

Honestly? I found them a pain in the bum. Good as hand towels though.

CatWithKittens Thu 07-Jul-16 12:16:11

I entirely disagree with BombardierFritz. We have used terries for all 5 DC and DS3 (4.6) still wears them at night. What is it you would like to know about them? They are cheap, adaptable, last several children and you only need one size, though three or four larger ones for children who still need them at night after about 3.6 are useful. They wash easily and dry quickly and once you find the best fold for each child - a little experimentation with the folds on the NappyLady's site soon sorts that - you will very rarely, if ever, get leaks of either pooh or wee. Our eldest told me that they are far more comfy than the disposables we once put him into on holiday - and when you see all the plastic next to the skin that disposables give I can understand that.
I would advise buying the best ones you can find - that is to say the thickest towelling with good edges. If you have any specific questions, please do post them and I will try to help.

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