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Your best or favourite night-time combo?

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lostinthestratosphere Sat 18-Jun-16 22:38:45

Hi! I've been using cloth since DC1 and am continuing with DC2 recently arrived. DC1 is now 2y4m and still a heavy night wetter. A lot of my inserts seem to have been failing recently (and tbh during the last months of pregnancy I started using disposables with a Rumparooz cover just because I was finding it tiring to get up and change if they did leak), so I'm assuming general wear and tear on these inserts/boosters after two and a bit years, and would like to reinvest in a great new combo for the older one.
Would you like to share your recommendations, perhaps? Both of nappy/cover and insert/booster combos?
I treated myself with DC2 by getting a trial of the new Totsbots for £28 for DC2 to see how they do at night; currently DC2 (13wks) on either Totsbots bamboozle stretch with Didana knitted pants, or on Totsbots stretchy/peenut wrap with a random selection of bamboo/hemp/mfibre inserts. Obviously also other combos as I only have one of each at present and I refuse to wash every day. :/ Works very well (especially the bamboozle with disana) on the little kid but I don't know if it is wise to invest in just the Totsbots ones, in case they might not do the job for the older child. Also, I do need some cheaper (thinner?) inserts/boosters that do a good job as their individual inserts are a bit pricey to replace my whole day and nighttime insert stock with.
Your thoughts as welcome as ice cream on my flu-ridden tongue!

cookiefiend Sat 18-Jun-16 23:08:40

We found the bamboozles good until about age two. Now a daisybird with an econobum wrap works, but of I am honest like you when pregnant for dc2 I got lazy and we started using a disposable at night.

The daisybird works, but I find when you are at the biggest size like this there is less room for error when putting the nappy on- we accidentally left a mark in her back from it being too tight which stayed for days. The wrap just fits over the top so more risk of wicking than with a smaller child. Still daisybird a are lovely and you can use them on your younger child without a seperate wrap. I think they are 5 for £35 too so not too bad for cloth.

Inspired by your prompting I shall attempt to move her back into cloth at night again!

lostinthestratosphere Sun 19-Jun-16 08:23:04

Ta, Cookie! This is very helpful. I've never actually used daisybird so I will go have a sniffle and see. I think the size thing is why I quite like Disana as an over-wrap, as they don't really get "too small", but you do need a very good inner for them.
I felt an instant connection when you said you also let the nighttime go with dc1 while pregnant with dc2! smile

lostinthestratosphere Sun 19-Jun-16 08:23:18

Oh and good luck!

cookiefiend Tue 21-Jun-16 11:21:17

Thanks- you too!

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