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Terry nappy folds

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nuttynina123 Fri 03-Jun-16 16:23:22

Can someone please recommend a terry nappy fold for 2.5 DS, to give plenty of padding at the front, where it's needed most!, and less at the back. Thanks

CatWithKittens Sat 04-Jun-16 11:52:26

If you have a big enough nappy the Chinese or Origami fold works well but you may need a 67cm or even 75cm nappy to make it fit. Otherwise we have done a variation on the Jo-Fold - found on the Nappy Lady's site - which is just the same but without the preliminary fold into a square so you have a bigger starting point. Instead we do a preliminary fold down of the top back which is going to go round the child's waist so there is enough round the sides and the whole thing does not end up too long - this one is good for side sleepers. Maria's fold on the same site also works well with some but it will depend very much whether he mostly sleeps on his back, side or tummy. We have had all three and would say that the Chinese is best for tummy sleepers, the Jo variation for side sleepers and Maria's fold for back sleepers or those who move around a lot. A lot will depend on wraps - we have always used pull up waterproof pants which cover better than many modern wraps. HTH - good luck but it is really a question of experimentation with different folds to find one which works for the particular child, wrap and nappy size.

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