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Night time reusable pull ups

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GreenGoth89 Sun 03-Apr-16 15:13:55

My 4 y/o DSS is wetting the bed every night and we're spending a small fortune on night time pull ups (which seem to be anywhere between £5-£7 for 10!). I had the lightbulb moment that there might be such a thing as a reusable night time pull up, can anyone recommend any that i can buy online in the UK? He's about 18kg

MindfulBear Sat 23-Apr-16 00:47:00

Ask Wendy at
She will know and be able to recommend best fit your child size.

2LittleMonkeysJumpingOnMyHead Mon 15-Aug-16 09:34:40

I'm thinking the same, cloth would be better. DC1 is nearly 6 and wets frequently. DC2 is 3 and dry in the day, so may try to night train soon. Would love to use something other than disposable pullups, and possibly put DD back in them too.

GreenGoth89 Mon 15-Aug-16 10:50:47

Aldi had washable mats last week which are great if you're kids are in a single bed

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