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Bag for cloth nappies.

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PickleBot Mon 21-Mar-16 21:02:11

Hi all, I'm pg with DC2 and starting to think about getting stuff sorted out. We used cloth nappies with DC1 but never managed to find a bag that would fit all the stuff for a whole day. DC1 was a very pukey child so I'm anticipating needing many changes of clothes. I'm happy for it not to be a "changing bag" but I need it to be waterproof (nothing worse than a bag full of wet clothes and nappies!), good quality and comfortable. Mumsnet, what do you recommend?

Hufflepuffin Mon 21-Mar-16 23:50:59

I have a second hand baby mule and it's brilliant! Especially handy with slings as you can wear it was a shoulder bag when they are on your back.

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