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Night time nappy tantrums - at my wits' end....Help!

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grant10 Thu 28-Jan-16 16:35:49

My toddler ds has been dry at night for a while now but still needs a nappy at night, which was never much of a problem when he was still in day nappies, but since ditching those he's become an absolute nightmare to get his night time nappy on. The refusals start at the very moment he sees the nappy, by totally ignoring me and being generally uncooperative - and at this stage I've not even told him it's time to have it on! I should add that the task is made more difficult by the need to put a terry on him, which unfortunately I have no option but to do and is something he has been quite used to with no major objections.
The real problems begin when I start to undress him, with tears at first which rapidly turn in to shouting and physical rejection as the red mist descends while I have to literally force him to lay down on the nappy. At this point he continually thrusts his legs - and I usually need help to keep him still long enough to safely pin it on, but once done he seems to accept it and lets me put his plastic pants and pj's on with no fuss....totally frustrating.
Why the heck has he become so utterly refusing to have his night nappy on? I just don't understand and am so stressed out about it. Has anyone had a similar experience? Any ideas how to overcome it?

Many thanks.

nuttynina123 Tue 12-Jul-16 13:56:34

You don't say how old ds is? Also, I assume you mean he is dry in the day and not at night? Frankly, I wouldn't put up with any shouting or physical rejection. A short, sharp smack on his bare bottom should do the trick! Sorry, but I'm a bit old fashioned.....

Hufflepuffin Wed 13-Jul-16 19:11:11

Could you buy a couple of all in one nappies for older kids? The nappy lady just started selling these- might make the process a bit quicker and therefore easier?

nuttynina123 Fri 15-Jul-16 10:22:57

He doesn't sound quite old enough for the all in ones mentioned, which may make nappy changing easier and quicker, but they are a little pricey at £27 each imo. You mention putting a terry on him being the only option. Why is that? Have you tried using disposables, which may help with the tantrums?

grant10 Wed 20-Jul-16 01:19:20

Hi -and thanks for your response. In answer to your questions, he's just over 3.5 years of age. He can't wear any type of disposable as the absorbent filling causes an awful allergic reaction to his skin. I have tried the all in one pull up terry pants, but his heavy wetting caused lots of leaking, so I've reverted back to using a terry and plastic pants, kite folded with another pad folded terry inside. Admittedly it's a big bulky nappy but it's only on him at bed time and we hardly ever have any leaks.

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