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1 year old refusing nappy changing.

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Mum2FunkyDude Thu 07-Dec-06 21:29:43

That is how it feels anyway. He does not want to lie down for a nappy change for the past 2 days, I don't know what to do, he gets into a frezy the minute I put him on his back up to the point that I have to pick him up to calm him down.

He had a fall last week end and scaped his nose, he was a bit protective over it and didn't want me to touch it too much to clean it, however, it healed nicely and then he bumped it again yesterday and took the scab off. Is it possible he has a connection in his mind between that and not wanting to lie down for the nappy change? There is no other explanation the only thing I can think is that he is thinking that I might pull his vest over his face and hurt him?

Please help. We've had poo everywhere yesterday, I'm at a point where I want to just put him in the bath and rinse him off with the shower head.

mamama Fri 08-Dec-06 03:55:31

I'm not very helpful but DS has days when he won't lie down for a nappy change. I often end up doing them with his standing up, sometimes sort of chasing him around He is getting better though, so maybe it's just a phase they go through?

My 18 month old mindee will lie on his back and stay still but screams as if I'm pulling his toes off.

I'm not sure which is worse!

jabberwocky Fri 08-Dec-06 04:10:42

I think they all go through this at some point. My advice is to get really proficient at changing him while he is standing up

SittingBull Fri 08-Dec-06 05:28:18

Message withdrawn

Mum2FunkyDude Fri 08-Dec-06 09:27:32

Thanks for your replies, at least I'm not alone!
I've done it standing up this morning and he was quite content with that, but I'm sure the fun and games will start when I need to do the poo nappy!

Iklboobetterwatchout Fri 08-Dec-06 09:28:41

DS is doing this at the minute. We usually give him something to play with while we're doing it to take his mind off it - otherwise it's a two man job

sunnysideup Fri 08-Dec-06 10:22:31

This seems really common. At this age with my ds we stuck him in pull up nappies and always changed him standing up. It's quite easy to get the knack of doing even a pooey nappy standing up though some of the HUGE efforts take a bit of work

mandymac Fri 08-Dec-06 10:38:16

Having the same problem with DD 17months. Apparently at nursery she is fine, but at home as soon as I lay her down she starts to cry and yell, and of course escape. I felt so bad this morning having to hold her down to change a pooey one, that I ended up crying afterwards . DD then came and gave me a big consoling hug. I've tried changing place we change her in (from nursery floor to living room floor), letting her 'change' teddy first. I think it is just that she has realised that she can protest and run away. Terrible twos here we come .

Nonicknamesleft Sun 08-Jul-07 20:32:04

On the same theme, any tips for controlling the frankly impossible behaviour of a nearly 11 month old, when a hapless parent is trying to change her nappy?

This otherwise angelic child turns into an unrecognisable banshee when I try to change her. Have tried the obvious distraction toys etc, but she's having none of it. The job is literally impossible without two pairs of hands, which obviously isn't always practical.

It's also pretty dangerous, as change tables, beds etc are always at a height from the floor, and I'm scared she'll fall. Bad back prevents me changing on the floor, and anyway, she can escape even faster when I do that.

Am at my wits end. If a change takes less than 15 mintues these days, it's a miracle.

Elk Sun 08-Jul-07 20:52:31

My 19 m old hates haveing her nappy changed and has done for at least a year. As she loves the television I have resorted to changing her nappy in the sitting room with the television on.
If I do it elsewhere her big sister sings to her or we play peek-a-boo.

Or else we have to do lots of raspberry blowing on tummy and feet until she's laughing and then I can change her nappy. (Downside of this is that she now goes up to people and sticks her foot in their face wanting a raspberry to be blown on her foot!)

chipkid Sun 08-Jul-07 20:55:20

I started to use pullups when my ds started this game. It means changing standing up is much easier-give it a go

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