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Folding terry nappies

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rolymoly Thu 13-May-04 23:59:08

Does anyone know where there are good descriptions/pictures of different ways to fold? We have been kite-folding terries inside a motherease wrap but dd is getting too big for that--it's hard to make the nappy meet around her tummy--and she's only 5 months. There must be other ways of using the terries but I don't know what they are. Don't really want to buy prefolds as we've got loads of terries.

midden Fri 14-May-04 00:05:27

rolymoly not sure what kind of kite fold you are doing, the one I did was quite big and lasted till almost potty trained there are good illustrations in miriam stoppard book "baby and child care"

mummytojames Fri 14-May-04 00:06:45

fold it in half so it goes into a triangle

bloss Fri 14-May-04 01:36:13

Message withdrawn

bloss Fri 14-May-04 01:45:49

Message withdrawn

bloss Fri 14-May-04 01:46:01

Message withdrawn

frogs Fri 14-May-04 07:16:50

I've started folding them into pads for dd2, ie. folding the nappy into quarters, then folding that into three to create a pad (like a prefold). A Motherease wrap holds the whole thing in place pretty well, I find, and is much easier than faffing around with pins or nippas. I haven't noticed any increase in leaks -- less, if anything, as there's less fabric around the legs to stick out of the cover.

bloss Fri 14-May-04 11:23:21

Message withdrawn

elliott Fri 14-May-04 11:32:17

I did the same as frogs (I'm very lazy ) for ds1 and have just started the same for ds2 now he's on solids. But it only really works with velcro wraps you can fasten quite snugly.
There are loads of folds (including Gaynor's) at the nappy lady website.

rolymoly Mon 17-May-04 22:21:04

Thanks bloss and everyone else. Gaynor's fold is fantastic, we are all converts to it. Isn't mumsnet great!

Juliettesmum Sat 18-Dec-04 20:48:48

The fold I used for my baby goes like this: Fold the two sides of the cloth to the middle (should be rectangular shape, place liner and fold the top about two inches over the very top of the liner. Use two pins to secure on either side. Its the easiest one i know. My baby is seven months and this still fits snuggly. I find that two layers is enough. I use plastic pants. I also have two pants with poppers on each side, made by chicco. they are completely waterproof and have never had a problem. Don't you think terrys are great? I used to use pampers. They leaked a lot and were draining my bank account! I am a convert! And i've only been using terrys for 3 months!

Boodent Fri 31-Dec-04 12:15:48

I know this topic is more about folding of nappies but i was hoping someone could help. I am wanting to use terry nappies, but am confused by all the different types of wraps that are available. Can anyone give any advice as to which is best? Thanks

LouiseT Sat 01-Jan-05 13:19:08

Motherease popper or velcro wraps are the only ones that we've used and have been brilliant, wouldn't bother with anything else.

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