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Little lambs

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Heavenscent86 Sun 11-Oct-15 14:44:43

Does anyone use the little lambs nappies and wraps? I quite look the look of them and looking For some opinions and advice on what they are like, how many I need etc? I was considering using the cotton or microfibres ones for daytime and getting the bamboo ones for night. Is this a good idea or would the pocket nappies they do be a better option?

babyiwantabump Sun 11-Oct-15 14:51:01

I use the pockets for days and the bamboo for night. They are brilliant! One of my favourite brands. You will need approx 20 for full time use - about 2 days worth so your not washing every day.

LL do good value sales so it's worth waiting a bit if your in modish to get them as they will probably have another sale soon

ispyfispi Sun 11-Oct-15 16:50:17

Yes follow them on Facebook for exclusive offers!

Hufflepuffin Sun 11-Oct-15 20:14:19

They're my favourite for wraps and sized pockets! I haven't tried their fitteds. Oh and their disposable liners are amazing too (both types).

Ditsy79 Mon 12-Oct-15 11:44:59

I used Little lambs sized with Motherease airflow wraps (can't comment on the LL wraps, as never tried them). We much preferred the sized LLs to our Btp Bumgenius. We used microfibre in the day, and also had some bamboo ones, which were very absorbent but take 2 or 3 days to dry on an airer. The microfibre dry really quickly, although tend to feel wetter - we needed to change at least every 3 hours.

Ditsy79 Mon 12-Oct-15 11:46:04

little lambs usually have a boxing day sale for followers of their facebook page - we got 10 nappies for less than £50 - bargain!

Allthatnonsense Mon 19-Oct-15 22:29:04

Little Lambs are great.

The fitted bamboo are fantastic - but come up small, we are on size 2 at four months.

LL sized pockets are amazing. I bought extra inserts to stuff my BG with.

Great offers and prices at clothnappyshop and themappady.

BreeVDKamp Mon 26-Oct-15 09:47:54

They have the best prints IMO.

I use their OS pockets, and their wraps are the best fit over terries, I find.

We started using their bamboo fitteds for night but I was not a fan so sold them on eBay. Just didn't seem as absorbent as bamboozles and we had some leaks. Also annoying that they're not BTP.

BreeVDKamp Mon 26-Oct-15 09:49:18

Ps the pockets are still a little big for my DS round the legs and waist on smallest setting, and he's 5 months. Soon they'll fit though, as he chunks up further, and there will be less leak risk! LL bamboo inserts are v absorbent smile

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