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Reusable for the night

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hibbleddible Mon 21-Sep-15 15:29:17

At the moment I'm using little bloom for the day (pocket nappies). I got a decent collection cheaply off Amazon, and they work well but only last 3-4 hours.

I'm using disposables at night still. Any ideas for a reusable for the night? I have a council voucher for 54£ which I would like to spend, any idea where?

In case it's relevant, dd is 6 months old and on the skinny side (but not overly so)

hibbleddible Tue 22-Sep-15 09:47:11

I was looking at the little lamb bamboo nappies on the nappy lady website. What cover do they need?

Focusfocus Fri 25-Sep-15 05:37:23

Best bets - bamboo two parters. So little lamb bamboo, tots bots bamboozle stretch or lollipop bamboo.

You'll find plenty preloved ones for cheap on Facebook selling groups. The groups are called Preloved cloth nappies and accessories, cloth nappies for sale, reusable nappies selling page, and little lamb nappies for sale swap or something similar. Much easier than ebay. If you buy there, see you're not paying more than 4.75 per little lamb bamboo as they are that price new from Baba and Me including postage.

Remember if you do buy new bamboo nappies will need washing many times to reach full absorbency. In that sense preloved is much better.

Wraps - people rave about the little lamb bombproof wraps. Blueberry coveralls. You can get new birth to potty wraps for 3.49 ish from tiny nippers, natural baby accessories or TJs.

I'd suggest joining the Facebook groups I mentioned and creating an ISO (in search of) post and browsing through what others are selling. You'll need a PayPal account.

Finally you'll need inserts inside. Bamboo and hemp most absorbent. Charcoal good for antibacterial. Microfibre absorbs quickly but can leak if compressed. Fleece next to baby's skin or disposable liners.

All best!

Focusfocus Fri 25-Sep-15 05:39:58

Also in terns of size you'll need to buy size 2 little lamb, lollipop or bamboozle stretch. They are currently selling on the Facebook groups for between 2-4 quid each so you'll grab yourself fantastic bargains! Go join up

BreeVDKamp Sun 08-Nov-15 11:04:28

We use bamboozles with a wool wrap smile

Also add in a fleece liner and prefold booster.

Tchaikovsky Mon 09-Nov-15 22:19:06

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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