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Keeping terry nappies soft

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Mallyboo33 Thu 13-Aug-15 08:36:27

There have probably been loads of threads on this subject already, but any ideas on keeping terry nappies soft? My last nappy wash dried very rough for some reason. DS has had a bout of nappy rash recently and I thought it could be something to do with the cream I used on his bottom, although it was covered with a liner.

BikeRunSki Thu 13-Aug-15 08:37:57

Put a cup full of vinegar in the wash with them.

poocatcherchampion Thu 13-Aug-15 08:39:37

Hang them on the line outside so thry blow around as they dry.

Also leaving them in the rain overnight does good as well..

LettuceLaughton Thu 13-Aug-15 08:43:51

Vinegar and rain are both good tips.

It could also be a build up of washing powder, but often they are slightly whiffy when clean if that's the case. How long have they been in use and have you ever stripped them?

DunderMiffed Thu 13-Aug-15 09:06:57

A tumble dry every now and then does wonders! I take them all when we stay at my in-laws, they have a wash in their machine (they have a water softener, which helps!) and then tumble them. A laundrette tumble every now and then would also do the trick.

LettuceLaughton Thu 13-Aug-15 09:13:30

yy, a tumble dry does help. It doesn't even have to be from fully wet - drying on the line until damp and finishing off in a dryer works fine.

CatWithKittens Thu 13-Aug-15 14:49:56

I discovered that hanging them with one pegged against the other, in other words doubled up, keeps them soft. I only found out by accident when we had three in nappies full time + one still in them at night and we were washing 24+ a day. One day it rained all day leaving two days worth of nappies to go out on the limited line space - so are discoveries made. After that I used to do it deliberately when there was a good drying wind. Otherwise I second 10 minutes in the tumble drier (now we have one, needless to say with only one nappy wearer left for the moment), either at the end or beginning of drying works well.

Boxoffrogs123 Thu 13-Aug-15 18:55:28

Give them a good rub and muss up (if that makes any sense) after line drying . Tumble drying works but it upsets me in the ( crap) summer I've done 3 kids in real nappies and the softness really doesn't bother them. Absorbency is what matters,so would second proper washing and vinegar .

Boxoffrogs123 Thu 13-Aug-15 18:58:15

I would just give lots of fresh air for nappy rash, alright in the warm weather. You don't say how old he is but kicking or running round nappyless does wonders, especially if they are mobile in the garden

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