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Quick question about liners

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Focusfocus Wed 15-Jul-15 14:06:47

We are expecting first baby - a boy - in three months and want to start using reusable straightway.

While we have wonderoos and TotsBots AIOs BTPS for later For the first 6 months or so, I plan to use Little Lamb cottons for the day in the size 1 and for the nights, little lamb bamboos in size 1, with wraps.

For this, what liners should I use with these little lamb babies? Fleece (have loads in stash) or paper liners (have got 4 rolls for free)? Also what boosters would you suggest for the day LL cotton and night LL Bamboo? We've got a stays of bamboo, cotton terry, zorb.

This is all obviously very new for both DH and me, hence so many questions. Also if disposable liners will "ease" us into the process a bit easily in those early days when you feel like a truck hits you we've got 800 disposable liners for absolutely free and would be happy to use them.

Thanks for your advice! And yes, I fully intend to breastfeed in case that helps with the poo consistency question as you consider!

lentilpot Wed 15-Jul-15 18:34:53

When my ds was exclusively breastfed I didn't bother with a disposable liner, just chucked the whole thing in a wet bag then in the machine. We had no stinks or stains with this method. I used fleece liners with any nappies that didn't have them sewn in as they kept him a bit drier and therefore less rashy.

You'll work out what you like to boost with, they don't pee too much to start with so you have time to work it out! I like hemp between the nappy and the wrap overnight as it's nice and slim, I'm sure bamboo would be fine too. Fast absorbing boosters like zorb can be good between the baby and the nappy to help suck up the pee. I fold boosters in half so that they are all at the front as that's where the wetness is with little boys.

Have fun!

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