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Red raw and broken skin but not nappy rash or thrush

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folieadeux Thu 02-Jul-15 16:32:59

DD was born with a big red patch of skin around her bum and lady bits, she's almost 4 weeks and it's getting worse and worse. At the hospital they said it was probably just pressure from birth. HV said try nappy free time. Went to GP 2 weeks ago as the skin had what looked like a hole in it, he thought a blister may have burst, initially suggested sudocrem, yesterday went back and he prescribed antibiotics in form of oral medicine, no cream or anything and hasn't a clue what it is. I've noticed today that a second patch is now looking like it's broken skin. Obviously it's been really hot and in that area it will have been sweaty etc so might just be really sensitive skin? I've given up on wipes and proably ditching the sudocrem as i think it's too strong for her. Maybe vaseline? with aloe vera??

lentilpot Sat 04-Jul-15 02:05:19

Hello! This topic seems to be pretty dead. I would try reposting in chat or children's health for more opinions. Your poor DD! I would try a different GP at your surgery to be honest (or maybe a nurse?) as it sounds like yer treating it like nappy rash when it's not.

I'd also give her plenty of nappy free tummy time (perhaps in the sun in short doses?).

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