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Getting started with cloth nappies! Advice please

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Focusfocus Wed 01-Jul-15 18:22:20

DC1 expected in autumn and we are going to give reusable same solid go! well, "solid" not so much if you see what I mean, liquid and pasty more like

Right, I know it isn't right to stockpile. So here's what I already have from various deals and ebay sources. Tell me what I need apart from this? And apart from patience?

Birth to Potty Pocket nappies (ebay various types) - 24
TotsBots EasyFit all in ones - 6
Bumgenius V4 all in ones - 4
Fleece liners 50
Muslin liners 29
Cotton liners 15
Wet bags zippered 3

Anything else I need? Plan to use disposables for the first few days or so. Would terry nappies or tiny soft tie handle type muslin nappies be any good for the very teensy stage? I ask because these are quite in - back in my home country, and dirt cheap, and Mum is sending a big gift parcel, so I am wondering if I should throw in some of the 0-2 months muslin/terry infant nappies in there as it's so cheap/it's a gift.

Do I also need to prowl on ebay for deals on little lambs, motherease and wonderoo? Wonderoos I can't find much, although I'd like a few of those and Miosolo. Can you tell I am inclined towards pockets/birth to potty/all in ones

It's a boy by the way!

shitebag Thu 02-Jul-15 01:47:23

I'd say you have plenty there but I think the muslins/terries would be handy as birth to potty nappies can be a dodgy fit before about 10lbs.

You will probably have to invest in some 2 parters when he's older as all in ones and pockets are pretty useless for overnight once they reach about 4 months.

Generally though I think it'd be wise just to use what you have and see how you get on.

As it stands we've been unable to use birth to potty as she's just the wrong shape, all in ones/pockets as she reacts to PUL, tight elastics and fleece/minky/suede cloth liners/linings hen exposed to urine so we had to destash and restock cotton only (motherease one size and bambino Mio prefolds) and fleece soakers and wraps which we've been using without issue for the past 18 months but it was am expensive learning curve!

shitebag Thu 02-Jul-15 01:50:08

Oh, reusable wipes might be worth a go?

We didn't buy any fancy kits or anything just 20 fleece/terry double sided wipes from EBay which cost about £12 and then cut up a load of stained muslins as more.

Artandco Sat 04-Jul-15 10:40:56

We used pocket nappies ( wonderoos), from about 6 weeks- potty trained. They were fine overnight also

Madratlady Sat 04-Jul-15 10:50:47

Sounds like you have plenty there, I have heard that muslin and a wrap is good for tiny babies though as birth to potty are often too big to start with. Reusable wiles are good though, just wet with water and use.

Art I love wonderoos!

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