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Can anyone reccomend a changing bag big enough for two babies in wasables?

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snugglebumnappies Fri 17-Nov-06 07:39:37

Just what it says on the title! DD will be 23 months when DS2 comes along, my current changing bag (Skip Hop) is insufficient for her needs really so am going to struggle getting two lots of nappies in, any ideas?

twickersmum Fri 17-Nov-06 07:42:39

i love this one...


snugglebumnappies Fri 17-Nov-06 09:41:28

Oh, that looks a good size, I like the backpack one too, have you had yours long, how is it standing up to daily use? What are the inside pockets like? I always find this the most difficult thing about buying online (although I do buy almost everything this way)as I love to have a good look in every part of a product before buying!

twickersmum Fri 17-Nov-06 18:46:40

i have had mine nearly 2 years. i love it. it is excellent quality and hardwearing.
It has tons of inside pockets, elasticated pockets to fit bottles, a clip on (detachable) dummy pocket, mine also has 3 separate zip compartments. This is about the 5th changing bag i've had and the best by miles and miles.

Dragonhart Fri 17-Nov-06 18:49:13

I recently got this one in the sale in mothercare for £19.99.

Baby due in Jan so not tested yet, but there is loads of room left with just DS in washables. Middle compartment takes all nappies for a day out for DS (5 wambamboos) plus a change of clothes, changing mat has pockets to hold wipes/bags ect. Insulated pocket (although not loads of room if you were bottle feeding- good for drinks and a bit of food). Then compartment for purse/keys and change mat.

I think it looks pretty good too. It 'grows' and 'shrinks' depending on how much you have in it. Prob couldnt handle a whole day out for two but for trips out very good.

hana Fri 17-Nov-06 18:57:18

twickersmum, is that your website?

twickersmum Fri 17-Nov-06 19:29:37

i'm an agent for them yes

hana Fri 17-Nov-06 20:01:53

oh ok
you just seem to recommend them a lot

viticella Wed 22-Nov-06 00:04:11

I have got on fine with my Phil & Ted's Bacpac - but mainly chose it because I have that pushchair too. It has lots of space and comfortable to carry but is a bit utilitarian compared to the other glamorous recommendations!

It's useful having a backpack as you will always have your hands full with two

MarsLady Wed 22-Nov-06 00:09:30

Sadly the company that made/supplied my changing bag doesn't exist anymore. I used it for the DTs and they had a lot of stuff. Looks like a large, tan, leather handbag (with lovely pockets and sections inside). Cuchicoo!

PinkTinsel Wed 22-Nov-06 00:14:08

i use the cosotto bag that came free with the travel system i got for dd. it takes washables for both, first aid kit, random crap and the sling

snugglebumnappies Wed 22-Nov-06 14:26:51

Thanks everyone, will check them all out, looks like I made a poor choice in the first place! Tried to google for the cuchicoo to see if there was one anywhere but non to be found at he moment, will continue to search.

accessorizequeen Thu 23-Nov-06 13:04:43

Skip hop do a twin changing bag now, I think?
Little company ones are quite huge, someone else on here recommended 1 as she used cloth nappies with 2 children (I think). Strap onto the pushchair really well, ebay best place to buy them.

tartanchatterbox Thu 23-Nov-06 14:24:22

hi - I don't have twins, but I do have 4 children two are in nappies still. The best nappy bag I had/still have is was a rather large faux-leather shoulder handbag from tesco. You can get waterproof bags (swimbags) from most eco-nappy websites. It was great to go out and be a scrummy mummy and there are so many georgous maxi handbags these days with loads of pockets. (Try getting patner to buy you one for christmas)

Also satchell-type ones with snap-click buckles can go over the handlebar of your pram.

PinkTinsel Fri 24-Nov-06 13:14:54

tartan, my jaw just hit the keyboard at 4 in nappies. and no twins?! omg, you deserve a medal woman...... and you're far braver than me

PinkTinsel Fri 24-Nov-06 13:16:11

o thank god, i just re read that

i had an image of some poor woman surrounded by babies, toddlers and filthy nappies

ANITACHHAT Mon 12-Jan-15 13:53:01

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ANITACHHAT Mon 12-Jan-15 13:54:10

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